Shoutbox archive

  • df2et

    3B8GF on .750 now

  • dm4im

    DL70DARC 10489.700

  • BG0AUB

    BG0CAB .690

  • DL9DAC

    A41ZZ 10489.690mhz

  • DK1KQ

    what kind of mode digital ?

  • DM5TU - sTef

    symbole audio

  • df2et

    EP4HR on .730

  • PY2RN

    may the same guy who melted AO-40 batteries are now on 840 FM?

  • DB2OS

    The station has indicated himself to us and reported: "Sorry but while I was broadcasting DATV on #QO100 I was transmitting in 144.750 in fm and the third harmonic 434.250 entered the up converter exiting in the NB band of OSCAR-100. I apologize to ALL it will not happen again."

  • DB2OS

    it was really bad.. more than 56dB SNR.. I won't give a callsign, but respect for that honesty. We were very concerned because the AGC was massively triggered... Perhaps a lesson learned for other users to keep an eye on your own signal.

  • DB2OS

    so, problem solved :-)

  • IK8XLD

    Agc transponder nb

  • IK8XLD

    Agc transponder

  • St2nh

    EP4HR ON 710

  • LZ1JH

    SU2TA on 690

  • DL1DUO

    SU2TA on .6901

  • DB2OS

  • DB2OS

  • DD1US

    J28PJ on 10489.790.600

  • DD1US

    3b8fa on 10489.769.100