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  • I saw that you made the Sdr console controller with ARDUIO. It felt very practical. Could you please provide me with some production materials? thank you

    73 De BG0AUB

    • Hi Feng,

      First things first. Thanks for our QSO. It was my very first one to China.

      Of course can i provide you some more infos about the Controller. It consists mostly of an Arduino Micro (one that can act as an USB HID Device) and some KY-040 encoders for the Filter and the VFO.

      The Volume knob is a 10k Potentiometer.

      Regarding the wiring. It has been mostly done by intution with some pull down resistors, unfortunately i don't have created a wiring diagram. But it's no Rocket science in here ;)

      Please take a look at the Arduino Sketch:

      The VFO has a speciality in it. It switches the Midi Bank which results in a changed MIDI channel number. It can be used for different step sizes within SDR Console.

      The PTT Pin of the Arduino has one Pushbutton and a 6.3mm Audio Jack connected. I've attached a foot pedal when operating.

      The VFO Buttons (Black ones) can be used to switch between Receiver A and B. Pushing A when Receiver A is currently active, will mute the audio.

    • Sorry Feng,

      i've posted an older source code version. This one here sends PTT as MIDI Command as SDR Console can handle it since some versions back.

      You need the Midi controller library installed in your Arduino IDE.

      Best regards


    • Thank you very much for your reply.I'm going to try to make a controller.What I understand is that aiduino simulates a usb device.

      I found a MIDI controller library file.There should be no problem.



      zhaofeng BG0AUB