Software DVB-S demodulator

  • Hallo , nog eens een guide /handleiding hier van mij in het nederlands.

    je moet inderdaad altijd eerst correct afstemmen met de software.

    dan onderaan midden goed blijven kijken als de sr gelijk blijft of ontspoord..

    de dunne gele fijne lijn moet zich zo goed mogelijk in het midden van de voledige gele /blauwe/oranje/ waterval bevinden.

    probeer eens een 333 ks te decoderen , gaat soms makkelijker dan het baken.

    dutch duide:…32u%20en%20amsat.pdf?dl=0

    i hope that someone can make a guide in portuguese /german/spanisch/italian/russian also....

  • @SWL-MarKro:

    Maybe another nice feature would be a programmable scan function?

    So you can set some frequencies (maybe in a .cfg file) with SR and your SW could scan this frequencies and if it finds a Signal within a defined time (maybe 5sec) then it locks to it and VLC starts playing.

    Just a idea..

    73s DB8TF

  • @IK1HGI: I don't think we are talking about the same thing.

    I mean a scanning function which looks on predefined frequencies on the WBTP with the "usual" SRs and if a signal is found then automatic lock an decoding it.

    Looks like:

    tune to 10.4955 and look if there is a signal with 1Ms if yes > decode

    if no> tune to 10.49475 and look if there is a sig with 500Ks if yes > decode

    if no> tune to 10.49525 and look if there is a sig with 500Ks if yes > decode

    and so on...

    Maybe i got you wrong but lets wait what MarKro says.

    73s DB8TF

  • Version 2.0.11



    • Added Support for Airspy Mini and Airspy R2
    • Added Symbolrate presets (with config params)
    • Added Symbolrate min/max setting to config
    • Made SDRPlay channels A/B selectable via config file
    • Made UI style selectable via config file
    • Fixed crash on app exit due to double-free
    • Fixed FFT Plot display only showing half of the spectrum
    • Improved FFT Plot scrolling performance (using ringbuffer instead of memcpy)
    • Minor GUI changes (S2 Modcode info)

    The next version won't take as long as this one, there are still many smaller things to improve. There will be more changes to the FFT Plot, because in the long run, transponder stats / signal infos will be shown there for each transponder. Maybe left click for moving the spectrum, and right click for selecting transponders. we'll see. For the next smaller update, i'll probably automate things like FEC / Modcode selection and centering / locking.

    For now, i'm interested about what the Airspy owners tell me :)

    @IU2KAC: SNR meter is in the TODO list very long now, i'll need to do that soon. Probably in the next version. (2.0.12)

    @DB8TF: auto scanning the whole spectrum sounds like a great idea, but i think that will be implemented a bit later, when i also do multi-signal reception. That means in version 2.1.0 which will take a bit time, because it will mostly contain new features instead of fixes.

    Edit: i kniow that i didn't implement saving of last used fequency and gain setting. definitely in 2.0.12 :P

  • @Markro: working good but one Thing is still annoying (not on every Signal!):

    If i tune to some Signals (with carrier recovery enabled) i can't get the 4-Dot constellation, only the "ring".

    After disabling and enabling the carrier recovery instantly the correct IQ constellation appears.

    And maybe the brightness of the waterfall could be adjusted separately from the BB gain ?

    Here the Decoding is best when the Signal is dark blue and because of that barely visible.

    Keep up the good work ;)

    VY73 DB8TF

  • @ DB8TF: I can even say my doubt about version 2.12 the tuning does not happen the constellation !! on some signals I can't get the constellation and 4 balls, only the ring and it continues the same thing changing and changing freguenza, we see @Markro if it succeeds to find a more acceptable system of tuning, now freguenza and the SYM_RATE very fast, let's see for the next if it will put a volmetro on the signal in descent of the satelitte good I have bad

  • DG7YEO

    I have the feeling that on our PCs we are missing something...maybe some accessory software...

    unfortunately I am quite can only have feelings!;(

    With the latest LIME firmwares something in the FW/HW/protocol is changed., and if you open dvb-s gui the LIME will not be detected. You must copy the LimeSuite.dll from the LimeSuiteGui folder to the dvb-s gui in order to work.

    The last version is LimeSuiteGUI_20190513_b534e74.exe (end of may) .

    You can found here :

    If you have installed LimeSuiteGUI on the C drive, you can found LimeSuite.dll here : C:\Program Files\PothosSDR\bin

  • Hi All - The Virus- and Website Protection from ESET sends a warning, if I try to download the ZIP-File.

    73 de HB9RYZ