Software DVB-S demodulator

  • the info DVBS-GUI…software%20guide.pdf?dl=0

    73 Tony ik1hgi

  • after so many hours all this afternoon after the configuration of the pluto now and ok, I lost many hours but no results I have not received anything, I asked for other OM but no results I have not seen anything with the pluto system and dvbs-gui who receives, I think we still have to wait for the results !!!!! return WITH THE RTL-SDR KEY

    73 IK1HGI TONY

    RICEVER 21;20

    MIRACLE AFTER 4 HOURS !!!!!!!!

    Today I did tests with Pluto to receive with the DVBS-GUI program I had problems before but I have to understand better, with the 125-250 signal a little effort with 333-500 everything perfect now I have to experiment well to understand all the parts how to make receiving fast! !!!

    I have to thank Peter excellent signal SR333 made 3/4

  • Today I did tests with Pluto to receive with the DVBS-GUI program that before I had problems but I have to understand better, here is the result of my pluto. this is my first test using reception with fantastic Pluto the DVSB-GUI program

    I have to thank Peter Knol PA1SDB excellent signal SR333 made 3/4

  • hello @swl-markro92 and week that I am all receiving the signals with Pluto, but I do not understand the 5dB signal much effort on the reception part, if the signal SR 333 above 7dB are ok perfect to receive, tonight I tried a station SR 125 nothing.... only just i can receive Peter Knol PA1SDB excellent signal SR333 mode 2/3 I use a 1 meter dish

    info BB Gain does not work does not move

    73 ik1hgi Tony

  • info BB Gain does not work does not move

    Hi Tony,

    today my Pluto arrived and I did my first receiving tests. Lock and decoding of the beacon was very very fast with the Pluto.

    I can confirm, that the BBGain slider can not be moved. It stucks on the left side.

    Additionally the "Bandwidth" is stored in the config but not restored at program startup. Always starts with 5MHz.

    73, Thorsten

  • I have another possible improvement idea for you MarKro:

    Now one has to set the Loop Gain to max to get a lock on a Signal.

    After a lock is aquired you have to reduce the Loop Gain to get a stable decoding.

    Maybe you can implement a function that sets the Loop Gain to max when no lock is established

    and if one is aquired then automatically reduce the Loop Gain to a lower Level? Maybe 1 or so.

    Now this setting of the Loop Gain causes the most work on getting a Signal properly locked.

    73s DB8TF

  • Hi, i can try a linux build, but with less supported devices at first. rtlsdr should work for sure, already tried that one. we'll see. Will consider that for next release. But i'll need to port some of the assembler code which is a little bit of work to do.

  • Hi MarKro92 when the next version is released, I hope it will be much more acceptable and more sensitive to reception, but to date I have not been able to encode 16psk !!! I see a slight non-video constellation, instead in the 8psk way ok no problem ok these are my tests at the reception.

    MarKro92 possible on the new version to be able to receive under 5 dB thanks....!!!!!

    73 IK1HGI Tony

  • Hi Markro92, I have a computer equipped with an AMD Phenom (tm) II X4 B95 3ghz / 64bit processor and I cannot open the application. Please show me the steps that need to be taken. All good 73!

  • Hi, sorry, but that CPU isn't supported. My Software requires SSE4.1 as a minimum. Your CPU supports SSE4a, which is a different thing. I could release a version that supports older instruction sets (maybe i will do that), but it wouldn't make a lot of sense, because many signal processing tasks benefit from SIMD instructions. Other than that, CPUs that don't support these instructions are too old anyway, in terms of general performance.

  • Thanks a lot for answering Markro92 and I think it wouldn't hurt a version that accepts older instruction sets for enthusiasts with modest amenities. All good YO4SJQ, 73!

  • Hi,

    First of all, I spent a few hours trying to figure out how to make this work with my RSP2 Pro. So now that I got it working (a couple days ago) here is a current, up to date tutorial on how to install DVB-S2 Demod GUI so it works (especially with the SDRPlay RSP SDRs). For other SDRs, steps 1 and 2 are not needed.

    1. You need to download the SDRPlay RSP API/HW Driver v3.03 (Aug. 2019). It absolutely has to be version 3.03.

       The latest to date being 3.06, which won't work with this version of the software!

       This software has been developed around v3.03 (v3.04 works with some modifications too, but don't do that).

       You can get it from this link:…_RSP_API-Windows-3.03.exe

       Or alternate link:

    2. Install the API, following the instructions. Do not change the installation folder, keep the default one.

       "C:\Program Files\SDRplay"

    3. Download the latest version of DVB-S2 Demod GUI. The latest to date when writing being version 2.0.14.

       Original link:

       Or alternate link:…

    4. Extract whereever you want.

    5. Go into the folder you just extracted "s2_gui_amsat_release/", and run "dvb-s_gui.exe".

       Your RSP SDR should appear in the list of devices. Click on "Open Device", it should be working. That's it!

    6. Basic settings :

    - Adjust the frequency near the downconverted frequency from your LNB, 741MHz.

    - Set the "BB Gain" control to adjust the gain of your SDR, not too high, and adjust "FFT Intens." to have a clear view of the signals on the waterfall.

    - You can left click to the left or right of the waterfall to move the frequency down or up, and you can right click (and drag the mouse with the right click pressed) on the exact signal you want to demodulate.

    - Now you can fiddle with the settings, enable Carrier recovery... Try to get "sync_confidence" to go green.

    7. If you don't have VLC Media Player, you can download and install the latest version from the official website.

    Official website:

    8. Launch VLC Media Player, and go to "Media" > "Open Network Stream..."

    Enter the address "udp://@:8888" (without the quotes) and click on "Play".

    Unfortunately I don't have the best setup yet, 80cm offset TV dish with modified PLL LNB with external ref (DX Patrol), I can decode the beacon and a few transmissions, not all of them. Maybe the sensitivity could be improved in future versions, the software feels kinda fiddly right now, but apart from that keep up the great work! Really nice to have a piece of software like that. Hope to see it being improved and polished over time.

    Have fun, and good experiments.

    73, Etienne FR4RX

  • FR4RX:

    Hello Etienne,

    Thanks for your detailled instructions and the hint about the SDR API-version that needs to be used. I already was wondering why my DVB-S2 Demod GUI software had stopped working.

    @ALL just a word of warning: when installing SDR API 3.03 as described, the latest version of SDRUo will stop working, because the software insists that it needs 3.06. At least on my machine this was the case, and I use the SDRUno software for numerous things, especially since I like the SNR and dBm measurements, which seems to be quite accurate.

    Best 73

    Holger 'Geri', DK8KW