Software DVB-S demodulator

  • VU3BCN: the Global Beam of 10°E (circular polarized) should work, i believe you use C-Band in India?

    Maybe you could try 'Impact Africa TV', it has a low symbolrate of 1125ks.

    'TCV International has 1000ks', also worth a try.

    GSAT17 as 93,5°E also has C-Band transponders.

    Maybe 4148V (Sadhna Aryan / Vip News) if you can only receive horizontal/vertical.

  • Version 2.0.12



    • Added Support for 8PSK modcodes
    • Added Equalizer (improves SNR by reducing channel impairments)
    • LDPC decoder performance optimizations
    • FFT performance optimizations
    • Saving last settings on a per-device basis (like freq, gain, filter, bw)
    • Showing Ku-Band Lo/Hi frequencies next to IF frequency.
    • Fixed maximum symbolrate being limited to 8000ksym/s even if the config value was set higher
    • Made IQ Plot color changeable via config file
    • Minor UI Changes

    I haven't tested this version with Es'Hail 2, only used commercial satellited for testing.

    Also, there could be problems with saving/loading settings for certain device types. I haven't tested them all.

    There is a new MOD_LOCK checkbox inside the debug section, that's for locking the current modcode. It could help keeping weak signals locked, i left it in this version just in case.

    As always, let me know what you think. If there are major problems, i'll release a fix as soon as possible.

  • BIG I had no problems with the new version 2.0.12 immediately my first reception of the Beacon QO100 other texts that we see that I will give to the next videos I receive

    73 Tony IK1HGI

  • @Tony: you can set the color in the config.ini file.

    ui_iqplot_rgb = 10 70 100

    the 3 numbers are red/green/blue channels ranging from 0 to 255, where 0 is low, and 255 is high intensity.

    For example 255 128 0 would be orange, 0, 0, 64 would be dark blue etc...

  • @SWL - markro92: marcel, thanks for the new version. I have been playing around a little bit with it and it seems to be decoding faster with the new version.

    >Showing Ku-Band Lo/Hi frequencies next to IF frequency.

    What I tried to do is to adjust the frequency offset in the device.ini-file but without success. I use a modified LNB and my L.O. is around 9.500 MHz. I am also missing the readme.txt file that supposidly is explaining on how to set up the parameters.

    How can I adjust the L.O. frequency so that the correct receiving frequency is shows?

    Update: I just played around a little bit and found out, that the frequency in the devices.ini is not the L.O. frequency but the current reception frequency stored with the device. So we have to see what the next version brings ...

    Best 73

    Holger 'Geri', DK8KW

  • Yes that's correct :) i thought about including an option in the config file for that, but i didn't want to keep you waiting any longer. definitely next version, which will be very soon, i think next week. I'm working on multithreaded LDPC decoding, because that's the bottleneck right now.

    ALso, i forgot to include the readme.txt, i'll update it and put it into the next update.

  • Hallo Marcel,
    vielen Dank für die kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung der Software.

    Ich habe einen LimeSDR-USB und würde ihn gerne auch für DATV Empfang verwenden.

    Leider erscheint beim Starten von DVB-S" GUI in der Auswahlliste oben mein LimeSDR nicht.

    Ich vermute ich habe etwas noch nicht richtig konfiguriert, denn der Lime funktioniert mit SDR-Radio einwandfrei.

    Hast Du einen Tipp, was ich machen kann damit er erkannt wird ?

    Falls sonst jemand hier in der Gruppe einen Tips hat, dann sind sie natürlich auch herzlich willkommen.

    Viele Grüße


  • Hallo Marcel,

    ich verwende einen LimeSDR mini, auch als TRX mit der Console.

    Funktioniert mit diesem Decoder ohne Probleme. Der Lime muss beim Programmstart oben in der Auswahlliste neben "Open Device" zu sehen sein, sonnst ist er nicht korrekt initialisiert. Ist mir bei einem Absturz dieser GUI mal passiert. Dann USB Stecker ziehen, neu verbinden und Software neu starten.

    73 de Peter

  • Looks good, but no carrier lock. Can you increase the Loop gain temporarily?

    If you have lock, try reducing gain and damping sliders again.

    Also try re-checking the enable checkbox. On RTLSDR the Signal needs to be centered very well.

  • Don't even bother with trying to see video while the constellation diagram is a circle. You need 4 dots (well, rather blobs) in the 4 quadrants before even thinking about vid. Try marko92's suggestions again, with loop gain and fine tune enable.

  • I have no idea how to get 4 dots...Im trying to get signal in the middle and then changing Kp and Ki but not even close....

    I'm looking for any manuals to help me