Software DVB-S demodulator

  • How do the Buffers work 0/8192 ? Mine just count from 0 to 8192 and then the program just shuts down ????

    I too have clashed this problem since yesterday the buffer 0/8192 the program stops me then the program turns off, things the cause before everything was ok I receive 1Ks everything ok now it crashes !!!!! ???? use I3 4ram 73 Tony IK1HGI

  • hello all , just for a info...

    today i have also done a small test with datv sdrangel 64 bit windows software for normal dvbs 1 and also other modes...

    the station was on 250 ks sr and fec 2/3 dvbs 1

    decimation was set on 1 and SR dongle was 2400000

    gain had to set to 48 before constellation was ok.

    but it works...for a normal dvbs1 station and h264 codec.

    picture was good on the small datv screen .

    g8gkq was decoded..... dvbs1... maybe 8 psk works also. will test

  • Hello all,

    Our friend miguel CT1BYM was this morning active and he did again a test in 8 PSK and also DVBS1 mode

    the software again was sdrangel and our regular rtl2832u dongle

    the 8 PSK was NOT decodable here .... but than miguel give a monster signal on our birdy in 333 ks and also 500 ks DVBS1

    he made his first tryout in DVBS 1 mode , so congratulations friend miguel

    here you have the screenshot from 333 ks , bandwith was about 500 khz (333 x 1,33)

    here is the full image SDRANGEL DVBS1 CT1BYM SR 333 kS 3/4 fec

    INFO : sdrangel is software from F4EXB :…sdrangel-4.11.0-win64.exe