Info on the transponder hardware and antennas that is used in the satellite?

  • The transponder in the satellite seems to be very professionally made. I didn't find many details when doing a search on it.

    Who has designed the transponder? Is it the same company that designed the commercial part of the satellite or is this designed by radio amateurs? Do anyone have some more info, block diagrams and pictures of this transponder used in the satellite?

    What antennas are used in the satellite on S and X band? It must be quite wide pattern, as the coverage area is so huge.


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  • The transponder is made by the manufacturer of the satellite, MELCO.


    It is based on their standard transponders but with changes because of the different type of usage.

    There are block diagrams in the presentations that were given by DB2OS during AMSAT-UK satellite colloquium and others, you can find them on Youtube in the AMSAT-UK channel:

    The antennas are horn antennas (without dish) I think. Exact details are a bit difficult to get "because of NDA" :-)

  • Thanks for the link to this video series. I learned from the presentation that the transponder is a flight tested design that has been modified with AGC for amateur radio. Full redundancy etc. Very impressive.