• I did some tests with PSK125R (125 bps BPSK + NASA r=1/2, k=7 convolutional FEC code) via the transponder and could copy my own signal very well. I am using FLdigi and 1.5W into an 1.2m offset dish. RX is an Octagon Optima OLSO without mods. The FLdigi AFC can track the LNBF LO drift quite well.

    I will be calling CQ around 10489.625 GHz tonight and for the next few days after 22:00 UTC. Replies will be much appreciated.

    73, Edson PY2SDR


  • Hi Edson,

    I will probably not be quite ready for uplink until the weekend, but will try and listen out for you this week, I'd like to test FLdigi's AFC myself (as well as a carrier tracking algorithm of my own in GNU radio) It's a shame FLdigi doesn't support PSK400, and it's AFC doesn't work in CW mode!