I plan to have my first tomorrow on QO-100 QSO.But there are some confusion...

  • My callsign is: BG0AUB) from xinjiang, China.An accidental discovery, let me know the Eshail2. PA - 4. QO - 100. These things make me fascinated.After more than two months of preparation, I seem to be ready for all of the devices.In early February, copy the beacon success.Today, I'm ready to 2.4 g of uplink devices.Plan on the weekend on my first QO100 trip.

    My concern is that the biggest problem is the language barrier.Maybe I can translate software through the Internet and find information and exchange in the BBS and you, but I can't speak English.It is difficult to solve this problem.Maybe use digital communication mode can avoid the language barrier.So which digital communications mode should I use?I don't know what popular digital communication mode is now...

    I according to own understanding to the equipment.LimeSDR + 2.4 G PA (20 w), DIY Minitioune, RTL_SDR, AirSPY, HACKRF, with 1.2 m antenna.Software: sdrangel (NB) Express DVB Transmitter (WB).Maybe I will meet all kinds of problems, but I'm enjoying it, fascinates me and happy.

    Maybe I could become the first Chinese HAM on QO100 do QSO.

    I am a good electronic enthusiasts, but is not a good ham.

    Please ignore my grammar mistakes, because it is caused by translation software:).thank you

    73 form BG0AUB


  • Well you could try to use digital modes like PSK31 and CW and use them with decoding software like Fldigi.

    Then you can make QSO with standard phrases and/or translate what you receive using cut/paste to a translation site.

    But usually with such digital modes you can make QSO just with the pre-programmed function keys that send your name and station details.

    Welcome on the satellite!

  • BG0AUB Does not matter, you learn 'QSO English quickly'. We will help you !

    (only callsign of other station and '59' will be enough and if you can mention your QRA (grid) locator here on the forum (because I can't find you on QRZ.com) ?

    QRA locator sShould be something like NN20.. , or NM19 .. Xinjiang is big!

    I look forward making QSO with you

  • Both yesterday and today and the success of the upward Q0-100, and call the CQ. Sorry I can't reply to my friend, greeting because LNB frequency drift soon, I can't listen to clear, always in the receive frequency adjustment.But obviously UPlink is successful..

    73, BG0AUB

  • I use the equipment:

    1.2 m wide feed antenna

    TX: Sdrangel limesdr + 2.4 gPA (10 w adjustable), burned the last stage power amplifier of PA yesterday, only 10 w the cw output.

    RX: Airspy + SDRSharp.

    2.4 G & 10 G one feed

    Tests show that the cw mode, 1 to 2 w'll see repeater downward.SSB model needs more than 7 w.

    I have a bad LNB frequency drift, visible to the naked eye of speed on the cheap.Maybe I should give a temperature compensated crystal PLL replacement.

    My QTH, antenna elevation 12 degrees.I'm curious 90 cm antenna can work.

    Hope can with more friends in QO100 nice QSO.If you hear BG0AUB call, please try to reduce your speed to speak.Because my English is very bad.

    Thank the friends give me encouragement, without you I might not be able to get up the courage to call CQ for the first time.Especially thank PA3FYM.Your patience gave me QSO QO - 100 for the first time.

    73 from BG0AUB

  • Last night I used 10M long 50-5 cable connection pa and 2.4 g feed.No signal emission...Today I measured the cable in the insertion loss of 2.4 g - 35 db!!!!!!: (

    I want to know what you use the cable to connect the pa and 2.4 g feed?May put the pa under the antenna is a best idea.

  • I posted this a year ago.Now a whole year has passed quickly.During this time I have completed 626 qos through QO100.158 grid Also completed the QO100 QSO in China. Also learned a lot of knowledge.Thanks to the warm-hearted friends who have helped me.

    Sincerely hope more people appear on QO100 transponder...


    zhaofeng BG0AUB