Transmissions on 10489.668 MHz

  • My old chief doctor always said „Erkenne im Anfang das Ende“...

    We don‘t want to blame anybody but we have to close out possibilities.

    Yes, this satellite is an excellent opportunity to talk over a big distances without the need of infrastructure. The worst case is the need for switching it off, because of taking over it by pirates.

  • Thats why used "SEEMS" and not names. A difficult theme as /if that persons even is not him . We are only trying to inform we are not hands off and looking for what can we do really. Not name is published.,If I had certainty it was solved for sure.



  • Hi all,
    as long he only transmits lyrics, I am fine with that. Callsign, yes or no. The problem will rise, if it will get political.

    The satellite is covering a lot of regions which are critical. Let's hope, non of them discovers this one as a proper medium, as the downlink is easy to receive.

    Either Leila, or an active notch might be a solution.

    As we transmit up to the sky, worst in the WLAN area, it is from my point of view almost impossible to discover the transmitter.

    We have to keep our fingers crossed, that it doesn't get worst.

    Just my 2 cents...

  • DL4OCH,

    Yes, you are right.

    I‘s a small weak signal. We can see it positive. We can use it to optimise our equipment, we can learn CW with it, I can learn spanish too, I can translate the text in german with help of Google or so and write it in a love letter to my beloved wife.

    But the problem remains. Where is our red line? 10 CW-lyrical-beacons? Maybe as a school-project in different laguages of the world? The same lyric text as an PSK or RTTY-signal? Or the same text as a read out SSB-Signal? Or FM? The same text as a lycrical beacon- ATV-signal?

    No, it is an illegal man made transmission. So we have to solve this problem.

    My 2 cents.

  • As we transmit up to the sky, worst in the WLAN area, it is from my point of view almost impossible to discover the transmitter.

    What would be required is a LEO satellite (polar orbit) that can receive on the uplink band and can do analysis of the signal. Of course it requires that the signal is persistent, like this one is. The satellite could be programmed to receive at a certain frequency and analyze the doppler. When it receives the signal it already indicates the general area (much smaller than the QO-100 coverage area) but combined with the doppler curve and a few passes it is possible to indicate the transmit site to within the precision required to go there and do local foxhunting.

    Remember there are dozens of cubesats being built and launched each year by universities and other research institutes who just want to build a satellite for instructional- or general "space research" purposes but are short of ideas what to do with it once it is in space. Especially when they want to use the amateur band for the telemetry downlink, they frequently ask "what amateur payload do we put on this to make this pass as an amateur satellite?". Next time, we could suggest to have a 2400 MHz SDR receiver on one or some of them.

  • On the other hand, I think every country has an interest to prevent illegal transmissions from it‘s own territory.

    I would not count on that. Maybe it works like that in Germany, but in many other countries the authorities are not at all interested in what happens inside the amateur bands, as long as it stays inside the bands and does not interfere with priority-1 users like broadcast, emergency services, air traffic control, etc.

    Besides, there are like 140 countries in the satellite footprint and a signal could come from any of them. So who do you want to inform? Doing that based on the language of a transmission is risky at best, as already pointed out above.

    And even inside a country it is very difficult to locate such signals with equipment operating on the ground.

    We have some experience here with a 70cm repeater with country-wide coverage (it once had 25 receivers and 5 transmitters all synchronized on a single frequency pair) and even there it was difficult to locate miscreants, in a search area that is about 5000 times smaller and with stations transmitting omnidirectionally towards the horizon instead of upward in a narrow beam at ~30 degrees elevation.

    There are quite some stations operating on QO-100 from my country but I do not hear any of them on the uplink. And this is just a small, densely populated country. Imagine what it would be for a large country.

  • There are 3 special satellite in orbit since december, with similar devices you referred:

    This are the HawkEye360, and some weeks ago they started the first test on board, geolocating signals in wide frequency range.

    It will be a business based activity, but, maybe in the test time, they accept some voloutair based request too: recording some signals over the part of Es'hali's coverage area, in 3 different satellites.

    Here is the news about the test time:…ites-pinpointing-signals/

    Some info about the satellites:…ellite-missions/h/hawkeye

    This is the SDR platform, they use:…ftware-defined-radio.aspx

    And this is a presentation on gnu-radio conference, about the software side:…-EJ-GNURadio_in_Space.pdf

    t.janos hg5apz