QO-100 QSO Confirmation eQSL, LoTW, DARC, etc.

  • Hi all,

    it's so difficult to receive confirmation in HF, on Oscar-100, after 30 Qso, only three confirmed. Someone tell about possibility to reach DXCC with QO-100, but continuing on this way it will be possible in 100 years, more or less...

    Matt you are so lucky, 37 % of success is agreat result.


  • --- white paper --- / --- proposal ---

    Yesterday I made some attempts to upload my QO-100 ADIF log to ClubLog. I followed the recommendations from here (<SAT_NAME:6>QO-100 <PROP_MODE:3>SAT <BAND:4>13CM etc), changed the RX frequencies in 10489.xxx. The log was accepted and processed. However, it was classified as 70cm log (because I use 432 MHz as simplex/transceive IF). After some digging it appeared that every ADIF log entry had a <BAND:4>70CM field.

    Naively as I normally am (NOT ; -) I changed all the RX/TX fields with 3CM --heeding the convention postulated here as an answer to my question concerning 'What is THE frequency?' (I asked this question ~1 month before the satellite was launched because I envisaged difficulties)--- I could upload the log, but it was NOT processed. Apparently ClubLog's perspective is there is no life above 13cm ; -)

    Changing all band fields to <BAND:4>13CM resulted in acceptance and processing of my log. Fine! one can say. But I feel very uncomfortable as I am now (highly) ranked in a world wide 13cm league for which the seemingly underlying philosophy is I made 2-way QSO's on a single band (as is the case with all other bands). In my case this is not true. So, the recommendations given on this forum, to have a QO-100 log accepted, are a 'work around' (or loop hole) to use (QSL / OQRS etc) facilities of ClubLog for QO-100.

    My proposal is the following (and I am willing to pick up the glove to try to seduce/convince ClubLog):

    1. add bands >13cm to the ClubLog database (I reckon EME'ers will agree ; -)

    2. in the special case of QO-100 add a separate category (or 'band') 'QO-100' where ADIF FREQ can be anything, and FREQ_RX field is 10489.xxx Everyone knows/will know that 10489 is allocated to the IARU SAT coordination, so it'll not be mixed up with terrestrial work or EME.

    3. because of 2) or <BAND:3>3CM is 'THE frequency' or <BAND:6>QO-100 to let your uploaded log fall into the proper ClubLog category.

    What say?

  • Hello Remco,

    ADIF allows you an additional field of propagation mode (i.e. SAT). In my QSOs via QO-100 uploaded this way Clublog writes in the "DXCC-field" "SATELLITE, INTERNET OR REPEATER". Thus I think these QSOs do not count for a DXCC-ranking list in 13cm. (Or am I wrong ?)

    73 de Johannes

  • No, don't think they count for 13cm -sec- DXCC ranking as they are not single band QSO's via tropo, or e.g. EME. They (may) count for 'satellite DXCC' (provided it are real 2-way contacts and one party does not use a WebSDR <-- which I cannot enforce b.t.w.). With other satellites it's also Fin is not Fout (e.g. 435 MHz in, 145 MHz out).

  • ClubLog, UCXlog, Log4OM, HRDlog, what other usefull softwaree is known?

    Which would be the recommended solution for a native satellite operator, without all the overhead of most programs?

    It should have some sort of flexibility, for example with changing operators etc.. connection to eQSL and others.

    If I have a list of software (preferable Windows) I can put here a voting...

    Any hints and recommendation appreciated

  • Hello Guntram,

    thanks for the explanation of the SAT-modes. But AFAIK ADIF does not support these special "band-letters" (and so clublog and LOTW will "ignore" this additional information . ADIF just allows "SAT" - but that 's enough for correct treatment in these before mentioned log-systems.

    73 de Johannes

  • Who doesn't love Excel? :)

    Excel LogSATv3.xls (old Excel versions)

    Excel LogSATv3.xlsm (newer Excel versions)

    73 Ed PY2RN

  • Entity Prefix Status
    Mauritius Island 3B8 W
    Georgia 4L W
    Montenegro 4O W
    ITU HQ 4U1I W
    Israel 4X C
    Cyprus 5B C
    Madagascar 5R W
    Croatia 9A C
    Malta 9H C
    West Malaysia 9M2 W
    East Malaysia 9M6 W
    United Arab Emirates A6 W
    Qatar A7 W
    Bahrain A9 W
    China BY C
    Andorra C3 W
    The Gambia C5 W
    Portugal CT W
    Madeira Islands CT3 W
    Azores CU C
    Cape Verde D4 W
    Federal Republic of Germany DL C
    Bosnia-Herzegovina E7 C
    Spain EA C
    Balearic Islands EA6 C
    Canary Islands EA8 C
    Ireland EI C
    Liberia EL W
    Estonia ES W
    Belarus EW W
    France F C
    Reunion Island FR W
    England G C
    Isle Of Man GD W
    Northern Ireland GI C
    Scotland GM W
    Guernsey GU C
    Wales GW C
    Hungary HA W
    Switzerland HB C
    Thailand HS W
    Saudi Arabia HZ C
    Italy I C
    Sardinia IS0 W
    Djibouti J2 W
    Puerto Rico KP4 W
    Norway LA C
    Argentina LU W
    Luxembourg LX W
    Lithuania LY C
    Bulgaria LZ C
    Austria OE C
    Finland OH C
    Czech Republic OL C
    Slovakia OM W
    Belgium ON C
    Denmark OZ W
    Netherlands PA C
    Brazil PY C
    Western Sahara S0 W
    Slovenia S5 C
    Sweden SM W
    Poland SP C
    Sudan ST W
    Egypt SU C
    Greece SV C
    Crete SV9 W
    Turkey TA C
    Iceland TF C
    Corsica TK W
    Gabon TR C
    European Russia UA C
    Asiatic Russia UA0 C
    India VU C
    Iraq YI C
    Latvia YL W
    Romania YO C
    Serbia YU W
    Albania ZA W
    Republic of South Africa ZS C

    W = Worked

    C = LoTW Confirmed