QO-100 QSO Confirmation eQSL, LoTW, DARC, etc.

  • I worked the whole day today to get my 100 QO-100 QSOs fully accepted in LOTW. And nevertheless only 5 countries are confirmed upto now.

    I sent the following ADIF-Tags:







    and optional for the QSL-Cards:

    <NOTES:19>SAT: QO-100 MODE SX

    It was not easy to get my logging program (HAM-Office) to bring all these tags in the ADIF export file.

    Fortunally, LOTW allows to override already logged QSOs with new data.

    Still to do: Update the QSOs in DCL, HRDlog and eQSL.

    Only 5 DXCC entities, why ? Do QO-100-dxers not use LOTW, or do they send incomplete data to LOTW ?

    73, Martin DL9SAD

  • @dl9sad

    Several people still do not use LoTW and many others do not include PROP_MODE and BAND set correctly. But it is getting little better since one year ago :)

    <call:5>df3qe <qso_date:8>20200206 <time_on:4>1504 <sat_name:6>QO-100 <band:4>13cm <mode:2>CW OPTIONAL
    <qslmsg:43>tks fb qso via qo-100 sat. Pls cfm via lotw

    73 de ED PY2RN

  • I had several connections via QO-100 and i confirm all QSOs from the beginning with eQSL as well as LOTW. But the return confirmation is very poor. If i talk with the QSO partners they tell me it is so difficulty to get it working. Before i start with eQSL and LOTW i read this thread from the beginning and learn a lot. I made the decision to start with XMLog and ADIF Master and install both at my PC. Before you start with XMlog you must fill the Stations Info with your datas.

    Via options and logfields you must activate the satmode. After that you may produce a ADIF file what will work with eQSL as well as LOTW. In eQSL it will be displayed realy as sat QSO, with the same ADIF file uploaded to LOTW it will be show only as 13 CM QSO.

    LOTW has no fields for the satmode. If somebody like to try it i will send a ADIF file as example and with the ADIF Master you are able to insert your datas to the single fields, After that you may send this ADIF files to eQSL and LOTW. Also you may import the ADIF file to XMLog.

    Following you may see how the logs are presented:

    e QSL log

    LOTW log

    This picture will show my adif example file:

    Maby this will help a little bit to see more confirmations about the eQSL and LOTW logs.

  • Hi Michael, thank you for your comment.

    from my side i have the following system. I have registert one PC only for the transfer of ADIF files to eQSL as well as to LOTW.

    This is the PC i use also for normal email, calculations etc.

    At the shortwave station i have a second PC where i mostly use digital modes with wsjt-x. This program produce ADIF files in automatic mode and transport it also automatic to PC no.1. For QO-100 QSOs i have PC no. 3 where i produce ADIF files per hand by XMLog.

    After that i send this files manualy also to PC 1. One time per day i send all collected files to eQSL and LOTW. This working fine for me over longer time.

    With the shortwave files the confirmations rate is quit high about 90%, but confirmations for the QO-100 QSOs are poor. Until now about 25%. Therefore i try to bring this to a higher level :-).

  • I also upload on eqsl and LOTW, easy to do. But on eqsl, i reject more then 30% of received qsl's because a ot of people log SAT qso's as a simple band qso, and that is a big difference. At eqsl you can see all received qsl's, even if those which are not logged as sat qso; on LOTW you can't see uploaded qsl's if the don't match with your uploaded log. I don't accept for example a QO-100 qsl if it just logged as a 13cm contact, neither from the LEO-sat contacts.

    It is also important to use the TX freq for logging a sat qso, and not the RX freq; RX freq is used by SWL's.

    A lot of qso's aren't confirmed yet, i guess not that much people use LOTW, but morelikely EQSL...or just nothing.

    73's, Jerry

  • I am using HRDLOG (with MariaDB) and noticed that fields are not set correctly for LOTW upload in case on the QO-100 QSO's

    I create two triggers in the Database so that records are corrected.

    With these triggers in place I can upload directly from HRd to LOTW and immediately saw confirmation coming in.

    Please find them below for anybody that faces the same problem.

    You need to set Satallite name in HRD QSO window to "QO-100" for LOTW but also it's the value those triggers look for so that other non QO-100 records do not get affected.

    Make sure you backup your database before as this is provided as is and at your own risk.

    CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` TRIGGER `table_hrd_contacts_v01_before_insert` BEFORE INSERT ON `table_hrd_contacts_v01` FOR EACH ROW BEGIN


    SET NEW.COL_BAND_RX = '3cm';

    SET NEW.COL_BAND = '13cm';



    END IF;


    CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` TRIGGER `table_hrd_contacts_v01_before_update` BEFORE UPDATE ON `table_hrd_contacts_v01` FOR EACH ROW BEGIN


    SET NEW.COL_BAND_RX = '3cm';

    SET NEW.COL_BAND = '13cm';



    END IF;


    Beyond that I am using this view to check the values if needed:



    `COL_SUBMODE` FROM `hrd_database01`.`table_hrd_contacts_v01` order by COL_PRIMARY_KEY DESC

  • I keep using my Excel spreadsheets, it is very quick and simple. Then I can export the QSOs for any Log software (I use DX Keeper) or upload it directly to eQSL r LoTW, other advantage is that Excel spreadsheet is very portable, so when using another computer or even a cell phone to log the qsos you can run Excel easy.

  • I'm not looking for QSL but I want to help those who look for QSO confirmations... I'm on eQSL and received many of them that I wanted to answer to. Hard job, as I was logging on a paper log. So I entered all my QO-100 QSO in HRD Logbook (the free V5 version).

    My problem : when I wanted to answer QSL or send QSL, I received a message that my QSL doesn't comply with the requested SAT mode. So I carefully read this forum thread and understood what was wrong : missing propagation mode and satellite mode fields.

    I corrected my log and entered the missing fields but I have a problem so my question below :

    Every time I restart my log, the fields that I entered in the tabs of the ALE (Add log entry) window appears blanked ! I must write the informations again. What am I doing wrong ? How to save this configuration so it returns every time I open my logbook ? How to send all the infos requested by eQSL without correcting by hand the ADIF file ?

    I would appreciate any help if experimented users could give me informations...

    Thanks a lot and 73 from Denis, F6GKQ


    Thanks to all who is helping - "The SAT" DX Foundation - we have already the opportunity to work very interesting and rare entities via QO-100 sat. See the list of stations already on the air and future ones here: https://cutt.ly/UQAhLkT

    We hope more people can join and help/support to get more DX/Entities on the air via Sat.

    DXF WhatsApp Group: https://cutt.ly/JQA2d7f

    DXF E-Mail List: thesatdxf@groups.io

    73 de Ed PY2RN