QO-100 QSO Confirmation eQSL, LoTW, DARC, etc.

  • Hello ALL,

    with QO-100 we have great opportunity to confirm QSOs with many places in the world, so if you are willing to hunt some awards like me, or if you are not interest in any diploma but is willing to help who is, here are few tips to confirm the QSOs via electronic QSL systems:

    If you are using a LOG software please do not forget to include:

    Propagation Mode = SATELLITE


    TX BAND = 13cm

    TIME = UTC

    LoTW: This system allows you to request the following diplomas: DXCC, WAZ, WPX, VUCC

    eQSL: This system allows you to request: WAC, WPX, WAZ and many other diplomas via their DARC on-line interface.

    Example pictures on how to register SAT qso in DXKeeper and HRDLog:

    [Blocked Image: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lJ2r7yM_efxegELfjlpL0IRxPvOh88mj/view?usp=sharing]DXLabs - DXKeeper

    [Blocked Image: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q3eC-Xd7ebGbBlHoPFy3Xqb0fKeUC6Xk/view?usp=sharing]HRD Logbook

    73 & good DX!

    ED - PY2RN


  • Wkd 127 unique callsigns and 15 confirmations via LOTW. 48 DXCC wkd and 13DXCC confirmed. Not a single DL confimration via LOTW of my 26 unique DL-callsings wkd.

    Wkd 2 S5 calls and both confirmed via LOTW one is you ;-)

    73 de Johannes

  • Hello SAT-friends,

    unfortunately, it seems that many QO-100-QSOs are still uploaded incorrectly to the LoTW and Clublog.

    The only correct ADIF-records for QO-100-QSOs:




    Nice to do, but not necessary:


    Please check your ADIF-file before upload it to the LoTW or Clublog.

    73 de Robert - DL5GAC

    DL5GAC * Robert * Baienfurt-Köpfingen * JN47ut * DARC OV PØ9

  • Just a small "anancastic" remark concerning satellite DXCC via QO-100: :-)

    According to the ARRL DXCC rules the TX and RX must be in the same DXCC.

    This means: All contacts which are made by RXing via a websdr, which is not located in the same DXCC as the TX do not qualify for the DXCC according these rules.

    (e.g when you are listening via Goonhilly WEBSDR and you are not TXing from G the QSOs are not valid for DXCC).

    Like I implied in the beginning I wrote these lines with a big smile on my face. I just thought that this information can be helpful when you are aiming for SAT-DXCC and are talking about your RX-equipment to a rare DX ;-)

    73 and don't take this article to serious


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    Hello Robert and SAT-Friends,

    I use Swisslog V5 and didn't get a single QSL confirmed via LotW yet. Just a few eQSL were confirmed. Input seems to be ok as shown here in the group.

    Were is my fault and what Logbook do you use?

    73 de Matt, DF6LO

    Details of a QSO uploaded to LotW:

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  • DL5RDI I think it is even worse. A DXCC-compliant contact needs to be a two way QSO. When using a remote receiver it's not a 2-way QSO (when I understand the DXCC-rules correctly).

    Receiving 10.5 GHz myself I can't enforce whether somebody receives my signal via a remote receiver/WebSDR. So I can't get punished for invalid contacts, is my opinion.

  • Hello sat-friends

    I use VQlog since years, FB software for sat qso's. I log on LoTW, EQSL and Clublog, but especially at EQSL i reject a lot of qsl's because people log a sat qso as a simple SSB/CW/... qso, and that is NOT the same. You need to log as SAT qso,

    About using remote controlled stations...everyone wants antennes on top off a hill to get most out of the station especially on higher frequencies. In my eyes, a qso should be made from the same location(rx/tx), using remote stations is just fooling yourself but that's peoples own choice.

    I just use web-sdr for testing my own stations, and if i can't hear a station with my setup then it's a pitty so i know i have to improve.

    About DXCC on QO-100, some countries don't have access on 13cm, but how do we have to know this? Is there a list available? Making qso's with illegal stations is a waste of time.

    73's Jerry

  • OE9WLJ

    Hi Wilfried,

    Many thanks for your hints. 2300 MHz is the default for 13 cm in Swisslog V5 but I changed this earlier already manually to 2400 MHz without success.

    According to Robert/DL5GAC the RX Band should be irrelevant. Furthermore I can't edit this in Swisslog V5.

    Which logbook software do you use?

    73 de Mattias, DF6LO

  • Hi Matthias,

    i am using RUMlogNG but I have no experience with LoTW, EQSL and Clublog till now. So my question is the same:

    What Log Software are you guys using and/or is recommended for Satellite use?

    73 de Wilfried

  • Hi,

    using UCXlog as well, as for eqsl the propagation was not working as expected while it works for LoTW, I asked via support forum if that could be modified. I got a resonse within 1h that this was changed in 7.96 Beta3. Updated to that version and now it works fine as well on eqsl.

    So if you see same for your eqsl upload just updated to latest beta and you are done.