SAT Controller SDR Nano

  • Start Gqrx alone (without SAT Controller software) and test both SDR-Sticks (rtl=0 and rtl=1).

    Current version is

    Although I had planned a newer version (and also hardware), the demand seems to be very low. In addition, I have received almost no feedback on the existing version.

    Because my own raspberry setup is running very well I think I will spend my time to other projects :)

    Hello Frank,

    thanks for the quick feedback. Now both RTL sticks are working fine. The usb cable to one of them was not ok. Maybe broken china quality.

    The drift compensation is not working properly at the moment. The frequency is jumping all the time more than 25kHz but i am sure i made something wrong in the calibration process and spent not to much time on that at the moment.

    Please move on with that project i am sure alot of amateurs starting now with that raspberry project!

    This is the only project on raspberry-pi for QO100. The other solutions (e.g. Sdr Console) are not usable for portable usage on a raspberry.

    And in addition i prefer a solution (one box) as a dedicated receiver based on raspberry.

    It would be nice to have an image with Fldigi to decode the beacon or other digital transmission via the Trsp.

    73 de Kai

  • The software is only available as complete image for raspberry pi.

    Hello Frank, the receive system is now running together with my TX part. Its now a standalone solution for up-downlink. Thanks for the image incl. drift control. Would be fine to see some new image from your side in the future with some improvements - many thanks!


  • Hallo Frank.

    Zunächst: Vielen Dank für die super Arbeit an SAT CONTROL. Habe das auf SD Karte.

    Mein Problem: Ich bekomme keine Bake auf 11199,795 MHz. Somit kann ich leider keinen MASTER einstellen/referenzieren. Kann ich auch die CW-Bake des Es'Hail 2 nehmen? Oder kalkuliert SAT CONTROL nicht mehr korrekt? Es gibt ja mit Sicherheit einen Grund warum die Es'Hail 1 Bake genommen hast, oder?

    Ich danke Dir sehr für eine kleine Unterstützung.

    EDIT: Ich denke, dass ich den Träger auf 11199,795 MHz doch gefunden habe...


  • Hi Frank and all others.

    So SAT-Controller SDR 0.1 is a perfect solution for all who want to use an

    unmodified LNB.

    Thank you Frank.

    But one very important point sholud be added in a manual.

    So, it is absolutly neccesary to lock on Master by right click in Sat Controller

    and then "Lock". Tune to Master-Beacon and "ok".

    I spend couple of hours to start "Drift correction" without locking on Master-Beacon.

    I got this information from DH0SK and now.. It works perfect.

    Frank, Thanks again and i hope we all will get SDR 0.2. -)

    73 de Volker

  • Hello everybody,

    SAT Controller SDR 0.1 was working perfect for a couple of weeks.

    But now since 3 days the RX ERR jumps and jumps.

    I made absolutly nothing on my system so I have no idea what happens.

    Does someone know what the problem can be?

    Are there any modifications be done on the master beacon?

    73, DH2VH, Volker

  • 5. Value “RX ERR” jumps or frozen

    Switch off “Drift correction” and repeat “Lock” procedure. If this takes no effect restart program and/or reboot raspberry because this function is not perfect at the moment. You also should experiment with the "Master" parameters. The defaults are set to Es'hail-1 beacon because this will work fine in most cases.

  • Hello Frank,

    thank you very very much for all time and work you spend on this project.

    When i saw V0.2 i download immediately.

    But "Drift-Control" in my case does not work properly.

    The software corrects the "LNB LO" by the value of drift but the tuned RX-frequency does not follow.

    This means as example if you tune to the lower beacon and the LNB drifts then the RX-frequency will not be corrected.

    May be i am thinking wrong but for this "Drift-Control" was build in or not?

    HA8NJ This function works on your Pi?

    73, Volker

  • Thats ok. Only the LNB LO frequency will be corrected. The tuned RX frequency will not be changed.

    Thank you for explanation.

    All the time i was thinking that there is a closed loop between master beacon and the lower beacon to compensate the drift.

    So i have to adjust a signal all the time manualy.

    This was not so clear for me.


  • You don't have to adjust a signal all the time manually.

    The LNB LO frequency of GQRX will be corrected automatically by the drift correction function of "SAT Controller SDR Nano" software. And thats all we need. Then the system is stable and there is no more (significant) drift in the demodulated audio.

    The displayed RX frequency will not change. But the "real" RX frequency (IF of SDR stick) changes automatically depending on changing LNB LO frequency.

    Only during warm up time of the SDR sticks there will be a little drift. But after that time (5-10min) your RX signal will be stable.