Minitioune for TT-s2 1600 with DVB-s2

  • In this post I want to collect all people having a TT-S2 1600 card for DVB. If we are a strong enough group may be there is a chance to convince Jean-Pierre F6ZDP to update his software to DVB-S2 that all of us could use this card for the lower SR rates.

    Without the support from J-P it is only possible to use this card with EBSpro down to SR333 with less options as in the Minitioune SW.

    So please post here if you have this card..I will collect the total amount of OMs and will do my best to convince J-P to help us.

    I hope my idea is welcome. Looking forward collecting all users. regards Heiner..:!:

  • Hi Heiner,

    I follow your advice willingly, hoping that Jean-Pierre F6ZDP will listen to us.

    I also have a TT-1600 that I now use with EBSPRO.

    Having TUTIOUNE able to decode DVBS-2 would be useful for low SR.

    In this regard, up until now I was able to receive only 1MSR transmissions using EBSPRO

    No DATV <1MSR transmission is detected by blind scanners.

    Only 1MSR are detected by the blind scanner.

    Maybe you manually tune the transponder after seeing the parameters on the websdr (333SR 500SR)?

    For completeness, I report the version of the drivers used:

    Driver BDA

    Streamreader.dll original software EBSPRO

    I've already edited the streamreader.ini file to get the 700 MHz IF

    73 Rocco IK8XLD

  • Dear Heiner,

    on daily basis i use this card as well (TT-S2 1600) for local datv. it would a real gift if the Software can reflect to QC100 wb purpose too. The Installation here is win10 64 bit with modified drivers. the software is very handy but thanks your hint i'll give esbpro a try.

    thumbs up for the update from my side, br Robert, 73 de oe6rke

  • Hi,

    I have a TT-S2-1600 too and the tutioune 0.6h is working-me at dvb-s2 at 333ksps, but not success at 2msps with the qo-100 beacon.

    Will be great if Jean-Pierre F6ZDP make some new version of tutioune that supports all the sample rates in dvb-s2

    73! Iban


  • Hello,

    I am just finishing Minitioune V0.9 with many new features forQO-100.

    I have to add the DVB-S2 option for my other software "DualTioune" that allows to receive 2 stations at same time using a MiniTiounerPro, MiniTiounerPro_v2 or MiniTiouner_V2_BATC+extension. (useful for duplex)

    Must work also to new features for the MiniTiounerPro_V2 that will be available in about 1 month. (with a solution for no REF members to buy it)

    After that, if I am no exhausted, I will see If I can take time for upgrading Tutioune1600, but I don't suppose that they are now only few people that continue to use it.It is really the worth to do it? ( MiniTiouners with Serit NIM can also receive 16APSK and 32APSK, can receive from 144MHz up to 2450 MHz without any converter- so direct 745MHz for QO-100- and also the dual channel possibility), and the driver for the TT-1600 is very old ( was for winXP) and not very easy to install under Win64

    Jean-Pierre F6DZP

  • Hello Jean-Pierre,

    I 'am almost finishing my BATC Minitiouner v2 (waiting for the last 2 pcs 3.3V regulators) so looking forward to use my Minitiouner v2 + Minitioune V0.9 , please give us a sign when the download will be available (I have downloaded the present V0.8 already ;)) I hope to use both also with terrestrial DATV with PI6ATV and other Dutch/EU ATV repeaters! 73 de Frank PH2M 8)

  • OK, Thanks! I'm using the TT-S1600 with windows 7 without problem. Please write-me, if I can help.