DATV beacon decoded with standard SAT RX

  • Hi @ll,

    besides all rumours that it would not work we tried to decode the DATV bacon on the WB transponder with a "standard" satellite receiver and tested successfully. Downlink via 90cm offset dish, an Octagon Greed Quad LNB modified by me for external reference and a Dreambox DM8000.

    The LNB was fed with 24.3MHz from a LeoBodnar GPSDO to shift the IF of the WB transponder to the input of the SAT RX. Using a manual scan we found A71A and could watch the demo on a flat screen. A short recording is uploaded to YT:

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    vy73 de Florian DF2ET

  • I wonder if it would be possible to fit one of those Serit tuners (NIMs) on a plugin board for the DM8000 and then be able to receive lower symbolrates (and directly receive on lower frequencies)...

    I have one of those boxes as well. It is easier to receive via the Dreambox than via my PC because there is not much software available for Linux and the Dreambox is already connected to my TV and satellite LNB...

  • Dear all,

    I am presently in touch with a company selling satfinders, which also include the capability to display the video and provide the audio output.

    I need transport stream files for 125 kSps, 250kSps and 333kSps for some testing / development purpose.

    Could someone here please provide me such streams as we would use them on QO-100 ?

    I am presently away from home and thus cannot generate them myself.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Kind regards

    Matthias DD1US