MKU UP 2424 back after repair/modification

  • Hi,

    today the MKU UP 2424 is back from repair/modification the FM'ing problem to fix it.

    A connection for the 10MHz reference has been announced.

    Unfortunately, the return delivery is no new description or instructions.

    After opening the device, I found only an unused mini coax socket and an unused socket.

    It would have been nice if you had attached the device with a cable with matching mini jack on SMA.

    Something like that certainly have the fewest in the crafting box.

    At a price of 890 euros I would have expected a better service after many years as a customer.

    Precisely because one has brought here a faulty construction on the market.

    Has anyone else received their device from the repair and technical information specifically related to the retrofitted reference?

    73, Frank

  • Hello Frank,

    I also got no instruction how to use the REF input. My Email concerning this was answerd that "the manual is still in work" and will be avalilable later as download on the DB6NT Web-site.

    I also opened up my converter and saw the same like you. So let's wait for the instruction to download and for source for a (cheap) cable with the fitting connector.

    73 de Johannes

  • PA3FYM yes, it is exactly as you described it.

    do1ctl Bei mir war in der Umverpackung ein kleiner Plastikbeutel mit einem ganz dünnem Koaxkabel mit dem Stecker für das Zusatzboard auf der einen und einem offenen Ende auf der anderen Seite dabei.

  • This is quite worrying .. I have recently received a brand new MKU UP 2424B (the updated version). I wonder if mine has everything connected as it should be. I do not want to open it and risk my warranty .....

  • do1ctl  DL5RDI I should tell that i modified my unit before sending it back. I mounted a bnc socket and a spdt switch in the front panel and did some changes on the main unit because i wanted to modify it myself before i knew that the transverter would be updated. I asked misses Grüner from Kuhne if i lost my warranty with these mod. She denied and said i could send it back. So I sent it back but undid the changes at the main unit for the mod which was now done by Kuhne. Perhaps they where so impressed by my mechanical skills (drilling two nearly round holes in the front panel without destroying the transverter) that they gave me these short cable, ;) Perhaps you should asked Kuhne if they forgot these cable.

  • Did anyone test the new performance of a modified 2424 A, without using the external reference?. I am curious if one can use up to full power without degradation by "FM-ing".

    My unit is to arrive tomorrow and can't wait to have it back..

    73 Ed

  • DL5MGD Habe mit Frau Grüner telefoniert und die meinte die Pigtails gehören nicht zum Umbau.

    Hast Glück gehabt. Ich vermute das erforderliche Pigtail wird nicht billig werden.

    Habe den Converter ohne 10MHz am Test gehabt und finde die Ref ist nicht unbedingt erforderlich.

    Bei dem Preis für den Konverter finde ich es eine schwache Kür das Pigtail nicht mitzuliefern, zumal der Referenzeingang mit in der Mail angepriesen wurde.

    Nicht jeder OM kommt mit dem Umbau zurecht.

  • 10-15 Minuten Dauerstrich mit 15W bringen meinen "reparierten" MKU2424A von 22 Grad auf etwa 40 Grad (interne Messung). Dabei habe ich eine Frequenzabweichung von ganz grob 250-300Hz festgestellt (ohne 10MHz Referenzsignal).

    10-15 minutes continuous wave with 15W bring my "repaired" MKU2424A from 22 degrees to about 40 degrees (internal measurement). I noticed a frequency deviation of roughly 250-300Hz (without 10MHz reference signal).

  • Nicht jeder OM kommt mit dem Umbau zurecht.

    Sehr schade ist auch das man die Rückwand selbst bohren/bearbeiten muss. Der Hersteller konnte bei der Reparaturaktion leider keine "nachträgliche mechanische Bearbeitung der Rückplatte vornehmen". Wobei das eigentlich eine nette Geste bzw. gute Kompensation der Unannehmlichkeiten gewesen wäre. Wir haben immerhin mehrere Monate ein fast nicht benutzbares Gerät in der Ecke stehen gehabt.

    It is also not so good that you have to drill / edit the back wall yourself. Unfortunately, the manufacturer was unable to mechanically adapt the rear panel during the repair process. Which would have been a nice gesture or good compensation for the inconvenience. Because we have had several months an almost unusable device.

  • Hello,

    can someone who has the "New" 2424 B please read out the software version (it's command "V" via RS232) - it's just to compare to the software version of the "old" updated 2424A.

    73 de Johannes

    P.s. I still did not read out the version of my 2424A - but I will poste my result as soon as I have it - was bussy to drill the hole and make the cabeling for the 10MHz Ref input (6,5mm hole for standard SMA-jack, centered 10,5mm from the left edge of the housing - that's the corresponding postion in the 2424B).