SDR project for SDRplay (RTLsdr) for Linux

  • The new version (V2.5) from Github seems not to work for me .

    All is running ,but i'm not at the correct QRG.

    It seems that the -f argument from te commandline is not taken over by the SDR dongle .

    My old version ( V1.4) on the laptop works fine , QRG is OK .

    A screenshot for more clarity

    screenshot Version V1.4 on laptop, with the same SDR dongle

    More info :

    HP dekstop

    Linux Lite V4.6

    X64 / 8cores

  • Fix it !

    The newest version has another algorithme then the old V1.4

    Have now changed the q0100websdr.h headerfile with the correct ( for my setup) values.

    My dongle was way off the correct QRG.

    Rebuild it and QRG is now ok !

    FYI : The default Xtal QRG parameter is 24 MHz in the soft , but "normal" LNB 's has 25 or 27 MHz . That was the major problem in my case

    Extract from headerfile

    #define LNB_CRYSTAL 24000000

    73 Luc , on4aol

  • Hi Luc,
    I have it running on a PI4 with 2GB ram.

    DL3MX has it running on a PI3 with 1GB (I didnt know that a PI3 is fast enough, but dl3mx is happy and showed me that it is working).

    The complete Setup is now done in a SETUP page, no more programming is required to adapt it to the own system.

    There is a new update available covering the new band plan and also has a new beacon lock.

    vy 73, Kurt

  • dj0abr Kurt can you give me a clue on this error

    ( The ./build_RTLSDR works perfect and a nice WebSDR in my browser, but with the ./build_SDRplay it is generating a error )

    root@WebSDR:~/QO-100_SSB-WebSDR_DATV-WebSpectrum# ./build_SDRplay

    rm -f *.o websocket/*.o qo100websdr

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c qo100websdr.c -o qo100websdr.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c sdrplay.c -o sdrplay.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c fir_table_calc.c -o fir_table_calc.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c wf_univ.c -o wf_univ.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c websocket/websocketserver.c -o websocket/websocketserver.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c websocket/ws_callbacks.c -o websocket/ws_callbacks.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c websocket/base64.c -o websocket/base64.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c websocket/sha1.c -o websocket/sha1.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c websocket/ws.c -o websocket/ws.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c websocket/handshake.c -o websocket/handshake.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c audio.c -o audio.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c setqrg.c -o setqrg.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c rtlsdr.c -o rtlsdr.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c timing.c -o timing.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c fifo.c -o fifo.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c ssbfft.c -o ssbfft.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c cat.c -o cat.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c civ.c -o civ.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c wb_fft.c -o wb_fft.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c ssbdemod.c -o ssbdemod.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c setup.c -o setup.o

    cc -O3 -Wall -I./websocket -DSDR_PLAY -std=gnu99 -DESHAIL2 -c beaconlock.c -o beaconlock.o

    cc -g -o qo100websdr qo100websdr.o sdrplay.o fir_table_calc.o wf_univ.o websocket/websocketserver.o websocket/ws_callbacks.o websocket/base64.o websocket/sha1.o websocket/ws.o websocket/handshake.o audio.o setqrg.o rtlsdr.o timing.o fifo.o ssbfft.o cat.o civ.o wb_fft.o ssbdemod.o setup.o beaconlock.o -lpthread -lm -lmirsdrapi-rsp -lfftw3 -lfftw3_threads -lsndfile -lasound -lrtlsdr

    /usr/bin/ld: rtlsdr.o:(.bss+0x8): multiple definition of `lastsdrqrg'; sdrplay.o:(.bss+0x28): first defined here

    collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

    make: *** [Makefile:14: qo100websdr] Error 1




  • hello, I installed the latest version and it works. I have the problem of the incorrect frequency but I can't connect under the internet remotely. I used a software (portscan) that tells me the ports 80 8090 8091 are not open on the raspberry. I have to go some folder and edit some line?. locally works. I opened ports 80 8090 8091 on my modem. I wanted to make it available under the internet for some friends with a maximum of 10 ..20 users.
    you can help me?
    thanks Pino ik0zrr