receiving wideband with amsat-dl downconverter

  • Hello Group,

    My amsat-dl downconverter came this week and i managed to get it going on narrowband with my 144mhz receiver, works very fine. Now i wanna setup the wideband beacon but i don't know how to set up the receiver. I managed to receive the beacon with a modified LNB with LO=9.170MHz, and set this LO freq in the satreceiver, and it worked fine. Anyone knows how to set up the box with my dual octagon with LO=9.750 in combination with the amsat-dl receiver (it says 745 IN 1340MHz OUT, so i guess it upconverts 595MHz). My receiver is a clarktech and i received the WB-beacon before on it so it works

    Thanks for any suggestion!

    73 Dirk ON5GS

  • Please note that the block diagram is showing the optional LO of 594 MHz.

    But the standard LO is 595 MHz.

    Would it be better to modify the block diagram, showing the standard application case, to avoid confusion?

    73 Mike