AMSAT NA change of leadership preparation

  • Here is the list of the alternative candidates for the AMSAT NA ellection for the new periode 2019-2021 for the board of directors:

    Patrick WD9EWK

    Tucker W4FS

    Howie AB2S

    Jeff WE4B

    and of cause

    Michelle W5NYV

    let us keep out fingers crossed for this great team.

    I am looking forward to your ellection and a big move inside AMSAt NA:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

  • I am a member, how do I vote.

    Will they reconcile QO-100 and why AMSAT NA are so very far behind with their shoe-box satellites ?

    Dave G4IUG Ex G8EAO

    Dave Cawley | Ex G8EAO & G6ANG/T |
    (when you had to have a separate TV license !)

  • Harsh but true ! But $2M should do it, how much did they spend on AO-40 and AO-95 ?

    The geostationary satellite ATS-3 was operational over 50 years ago. In the latest AMSAT-NA Journal they are praising their last 50 years, and still no geostationary satellite ?

    Ever tried getting a newly licensed ham into shoe-box satellites ? Show them QO-100 and they have an aspiration....................

    Dave Cawley | Ex G8EAO & G6ANG/T |
    (when you had to have a separate TV license !)

  • Dave,

    AO-40 was built by AMSAT-DL with the help of some others ...

    I am not sure how much AMSAT-NA contributed.

    The problem is mainly finding a suitable launch opportunity or
    in the case of a GEO payload a suitable platform to get a
    piggyback ride ...


    Matthias DD1US

  • DD1US AMSAT-NA did a great/large/big contribution to AO-40 and it would not have been possible without them, just to make this clear. In the last 15+ years ITAR regulations have been a big showstopper in working together but trust me, the will to cooperate is strong.

  • DH2VA Achim, thanks for the information.

    Which transponders or functions were delivered by AMSAT-NA ?

    I agree we should not give up hoping, that eventually ITAR regulations will be changed so that a cooperation will be possible.

    Probably not in the near future ...

    Kind regards

    Matthias DD1US

  • Peter DB2OS should know best, but to my knowledge AMSAT-NA played (at least!) a big role on the final integration in Orlando, radiation testing of components and the GPS system. Not to mention Stacey Mills W4SM as one of the command stations. I would need to dig in the history books more, but I am 100% sure that P3-D would not have flown without AMSAT-NA.

  • AMSAT P3-D (OSCAR-40) was truly an international project.

    It wouldn't make any sense to weigh out one organization against each other, i.e. who contributed more or less to it.

    This project would not have been possible without an international cooperation and a fantastic team lead by Karl Meinzer, DJ4ZC, as it was the case with P3-A, P3-B and P3-C already. All P3-satellites were launched by European ARIANE rockets...

    Unfortunately, ITAR has ruined everything. Former friends were suddenly no longer allowed to talk to us, or at least they became very afraid of it.

    The following diagram gives some overview, but it is not complete and even missing a few late contributions like the YAHU (RISC based new IHU) and YACE (yet another camera), the Laser communications experiment, CAN-Bus, etc. Even if one country or one organization became responsible, there have been a lot of cross functions from individual people on both sides of the atlantic.

    Sorry for the bad picture quality.

    Peter Gülzow | DB2OS | AMSAT-DL member since 1983 | JO42VG

  • As Peter has said, AO 40 (RIP) was an international effort by many countries for the benefit of the whole amateur community and in that goal was very successful. AMSAT NA like AMSAT DL played a big role in testing and system integration. Unfortunately the ITAR halted direct co-operation, under the penalty of a six figure find, however as soon as the regulation is lifted there is doubt full co-operation will return.


  • Fully agree with what you Achim and Peter say. Back in the AO-40 days I was living and working in the US and operating with my KC2HAX callsign. I used to attend the AMSAT-NA meetings, fund raising events and I even organized a workshop all of them geared towards AO-40 success. At this time AO-40 was perceived as real international effort (with strong leadership from AMSAT-DL) and there was a lot of excitement about it in the AMSAT-NA community. Wish we can go back soon to this kind of cooperative work and with the same level of enthusiasm.

    Toni, EA4LE

    p.s. this is me in one of the AMSAT-NA meetings with a "flight spare" S Band (2.4 GHz) S2 Transmitter Helix Antenna, identical to those on-board AO-40. Stan Wood, WA4NFY, Vice-President, Engineering AMSAT-NA at the time brought a lot of these spares to the meetings.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Best 73 de Toni, EA4LE / KC2HAX

    A veteran of AO-10, AO-13 and AO-40 8)