Bias-T Power

  • I am expecting my new Kuhne MKU LNC 10 QO-100 down converter along with the new Kuhne Bias-T (which has also a connection to feed my GPSDO up to the down converter).

    The downconverter has four modes and these are selected by the Bias-T voltage:

    QO – 100 SSB mode

    Supply voltage between 12 and 17 V DC .

    QO – 100 ATV mode

    Supply voltage between 18 and 23 V DC .

    SSB mode, 10368 ... 10370 MHz

    Supply voltage between 9 and 11 V DC

    SSB mode, 10450 ... 10452 MHz

    Supply voltage between 24 and 36 V DC

    So, in order to be able to use both the wideband and narrowband transponders, I will need to be able to switch between (say) 12v and 18v.

    Can someone recommend a suitable power supply? It needn't have a high current rating but does need to be relatively accurate voltage-wise.


    David G4NRT

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  • Hello David,

    it's nice that you can switch the converter between NB and WB. But as far as i know the converter can NOT switch the polarity of the antenna. Therefore you must have a 10GHz feed with a vertikal and a horizontal output and the converter need for each a seperate input.

    This is one main reason why I always propagated the LNB (modified or not) solution.

    73 de Johannes

    P.s. If someone knows better than please tell me - I always want to expand my knowledge ;-)

  • Hmm. This down converter is designed to fit onto Peter DJ7GP's dual band feed - indeed it is coming with a clamp to hold it within a few centimetres of the 10ghz section.

    At Friedrichshafen, the Kuhne guys assured me that it would work.

    I'm interested to hear other's views.

    David G4NRT

  • Hello David,

    Two questions:

    1. has the converter one or two 10GHz inputs (if two one should be marked H and one V or similar)

    2. Has the dual band feed have two outputs for 10GHZ (also one H and one V or similar ?)

    If not both conditions together are fulfilled I "fear" that I am right.....

    But let us wait for some people already using such a setup - and let 's hope that I'm wrong ;-)

    73 de Johannes

  • Thank you Johannes.

    The answer is "no" on both counts! Only one on each! So it looks like I shall be just using the narrowband transponder with the Kuhne equipment and will need another solution for Wideband.

    Here's a link: https://shop.kuhne-electronic.…fuegbar+Q22019/?card=1874

    The dual-band feed has linear polarisation and is the "Amsat DL" one which I bought from Bamatech:…4-10-ghz.html?language=en

    That is not a problem as I am only dabbling in DATV right now .....

    73 de David