DF1QE indoor TCXO LO for LNB V1.1

  • Hello Sat Fans !

    Meanwhile I updeated my Postings about my "simple indoor TCXO for LNBs"

    The shematics and layout files for version 1.1 are availabe now.

    You can find them at :


    (sorry, german language, you can use deepl.com to translate)

    I changed from FOX TCXOs to Conner Winfield TCXOs.

    The FOX TCXOs are digitally compensate in 1 Hz steps, which leaded to 390 Hz jumps in the received signals.

    Not comfortable at CW or SSB.

    The well known Conner Winfield TCXOs are analog compensated and very stable.

    In my tests the frquency of my indoor LO moved less than 100 Hz in a period of several days.

    Coming up next :

    New indoor LO with integrated triplexer for One-Cable installation.

    DC + LO + IF in one cable


    Armin DF1QE

    I still know at which end to grip the soldering iron :)

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