Visiting the Signal Source of DL50AMSAT

  • Hello all,

    This week I used the occasion of a business trip to Bochum to receive the source of the DL50AMSAT beacon signals on QO-100 directly, instead via a detour of over 75.000 km.

    Reception equipment:

    - Norsat Model 2500 converter, converting 2.400 MHz to 122 MHz (price was only 16.- US$ on eBay a few weeks back!),

    - 9-element WLAN Yagi (not really necessary in this case but I had it connected to the converter anyhow ...)

    - NOOELEC RTL stick and

    - SDR Console software.

    Between the converter and the SDR-stick I used a switchable attenuator due to the strength of the signal (distance to the transmitter was only about 50m).

    Here are a few pictures of my little expedition.

    It was Monday, so the Sternwarte Bochum was not open to the public. Nevertheless, gates were open so I also was able to explore the area a little bit. The DL50AMSAT signal is being transmitted from the 3m-dish directly behind my shoulder.

    With the same setup, by the way, I was able to receive the beacon DB0GW in Duisburg on 2320,85 MHz over a distance of about 7km.

    Best 73

    Holger 'Geri', DK8KW

  • DK8KW

    Changed the title of the thread from “Visiting the Signal Source of DL0AMSAT” to “Visiting the Signal Source of DL50AMSAT”.