IS0GRB Winlink Server on QO-100 (Dial 10489635.0 USB)

  • Good morning,
    We launched the Winlink KF SR3WLK gateway.
    Currently we want to activate winlink server on QO-100. We have working equipment.
    We have a problem because RMS Trimode won't work with Vara SAT.
    RMS Trimode displays the following messages:

    *** RMS Trimode started at 2020-12-28 13:19:36 UTC

    *** Saved Solar flux index {SFI = 088 on 2020-12-28 13:00 UTC}

    *** Vara Driver started

    *** Restarting scanner due to Vara restart

    *** Scanner start/restart... holding 20 sec for TNC startup

    *** Vara Driver Running

    *** Active Vara Channels reported to Winlink system data base 2020-12-28 13:20:08

    *** WRONG Last cmd=LISTEN OFF

    It restarts every several seconds.

    I am asking for suggestions on how to solve this problem

    VY 73

    Darek SP3EEV

  • Good morning, recently the winlink authors have made important updates on the server version making the VARA SAT 3 modem software unusable.

    Jose EA5HVK has released a new version VARA SAT 4.0.0 which regains compatibility with the new versions of the winlink server.

    This version is not backwards compatible with version 3 so you need to install the new version of the VARA SAT in order to make your email connection work properly.

    I am sorry for this mistake but i could not do anything to avoid it.

    If you encounter any problems i ask you to report directly to the author who is waiting to verify from your tests if everything works correctly

    You can download the new VARA SAT version at this address:

    In attach the new speed level table for VARA SAT v4.0

    Thank you


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • The server is updated with the VARA SAT modem 4.0.2 with which Jose ea5hvk has corrected some reported bugs

    I ask you to use this latest version for connections.

    Thanks for your patience, everything will return to its place


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Good Morning Roberto, Dear all,

    thank you for the great work and support on WINLINK SERVER ON QO-100 (DIAL 10489635.0 USB)

    I installed the latest version of VARA SAT 4.0.2 and Winlink Express But I can't connect to the server. I keep getting information *** Failure connecting with OM2ABC. At the same time, I see that the signal is leaving me.

    Thanks for any advice where I make a mistake.

  • Hi All,

    I have done a few Winlink connections to IS0GRB, TX via SDRangel LimeSDR Mini and CN0417 and RX via DownConverter to FT-897D.

    Great system thanks to Roberto and Jose!

    Now I want to have a more mobile/maritim setup with one radio and Up and Down converters. I have looked at ICOM IC-9700 with Two tranceivers and built in soundcards. According to this article (see below) it seems possible to use the internal soundcard to both tranceivers via right and left channel on the soundcard:…sb-audio-output-with.html

    I suppose there has to be some changes in VARASat Soundmodem setup to select Right or Left Channel on Tx on Rx



    Thomas SM0YOS

  • Hi,

    I have done some more testing with my "brand new" Icom IC-9700.

    I am running Windows10, Winlink and Vara Sat connected to IC-9700 via an USB cable.

    I am sending Up to QO-100 from the Main band via an Upconverter and listen on the Sub band,via a Downconverter, full duplex.

    Problem is that the Sub bands voice coming on the right channel from the IC-9700 sound card. and VARA Sat seems to listen on the left channel.



  • Hi Thomas, you will excuse me, unfortunately i had a problem in the family and i have been a bit busy.

    Regarding the audio problem, i am no expert on IC-9700, but i own IC-7300 and i believe i install a virtual sound card, where you can adjust audio channel levels separately.

    I didn't quite understand what your need was, but normally the signal goes into mono taking both audio channels.

    Thanks for the message


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Hi Roberto,

    Problem is IC-9700 sending the voice in "stereo" via USB soundcard, Main band on the left channel and the Sub band on the right channel.
    I want Vara to listen on the Sub channel (right channel) but as Jose said Vara listen on the left channel.
    I use the IC-9700 Main band to send up to QO-100 and the SUB band to listens on QO-100.
    But I have fix it with a Windows software, Equalizer APO which done reverse stereo:…stereo-in-windows.226167/
    Thomas SM0YOS

  • Hi Thomas,

    i use also a IC 9700 via QO-100 since about a year. I use different modes of operation like SSB, CW, SSTV,

    KGSSTV and more, all is working fine. So i like to try also this mail via QO-100 system. At shortwave i use

    Winlink, with a different pc, over longer time and it works good. All this modes i use via a USB connection

    between IC 9700 and the PC. I read your solution, is it working good? I dont know what is happend with

    my outher solutions if i do this modification? Did you diskus with Jose EA5HVK the possibility to make the

    both channels switchable by configuration?

    If you use your system also maritime do you have a antenna system wich follows the satellite automatically?

    Longer time ago i had to supply working satellite system to sailing vessels. After a diskussion we installed

    Inmarsat Standard C systems at this vessels. Inside the antenna are no movable parts but only a helix.

    This works good 360 degrees around the vessel. Also Inmarsat Standard C are member of the GMDSS system.

    73 Joachim

  • Hi Joachim,

    According to Jose EA5HVK there will be an option to Swap RX Channel in the next coming Vara Sat version.

    Then I don't need the Equalizer APO

    I have no system to follow the satellit. I will just use the satellit when I am moored



  • From April 4th it will be necessary to use the new version VARA SAT 4.1.0.

    You have surely seen the download notice of the new version; you must continue using the VARA SAT v4.0.2 and save the VARA SAT v4.1.0 setup file in any place of your PC; after April 4th, the v4.0.2 will not longer be compatible.

    Since the new version is not compatible with the previous one, i asked Jose EA5HVK to wait a period of time for everyone to be able to download the new version and to have it available on that date.

    There are some colleagues /MM and others who don't always have an internet connection and this would have created problems.


    The new changes and innovations are now described in the Changelog.txt:

    v4.1.0 (19/03/2021)

    Huffman compression, which increases the Winlink throughput connection in the slow levels (1-5).
    This new improvement is only for VARA registered users.

    32-bit hash to resolve a small but finite chance of getting a call wrong
    Less latency in high speed levels

    Fixed BREAK loop in case of CMS connection failure in the middle of a VARA connection.

    Swap RX Channels option

    ChangeLog in Help menu

    Roberto IS0GRB