IS0GRB Winlink Server on QO-100 (Dial 10489635.0 USB)

  • Roberto,

    I have done some ardop testing to IS0GRB. Winlink Express/ardop under Windows was a little bit tricky.

    I use a Icom IC-9700 and the sub receiver listen on the right soundcard channel. VARA has a option to swap channels on receive and

    I missing that function in ardop. There are other way to fix that in Windows, I will do it later.

    After that I test to connect from Linux (Raspberry pi) with ardopc. I got answer on my connect request from is0grb but ardopc report "poor fram type decode" Maybe it´s some latency/delay problem?



  • Hi Roberto,'

    I have done some more ardop testing via Winlink Express in Windows and ardopc in a Raspberry pi.

    Same result, i send a connect request and got an answer back but ardop can not decode it.

    The signal strength is "normal" on the reply from the gw compared with the Vara traffic level.

    Vara works fine with the same radio setup.

  • Hello Roberto

    I assembled such a set: Pluto and naked LNB synchronized gpsdo leobodnar, SKY65135 1 W amp. 5el yagi 2.4 Ghz, sdr console, virtual audio cable. With this transmitter I establish a connection between Winlink and Vara with a speed of 80bps on the frequency 10.489.635. And I use all the functions of winlink.

    By the way, I can do FT8, FT4 and JS8CALL QSO

    All the best and 73

    Tom SP5LOT

  • Hi Tomas, thank you for the report.

    It's the same problem we had at the beginning, we had hired the American Ardop developers of winlink but they weren't available to create a version dedicated to the satellite with different timers as they couldn't carry out tests since they didn't have access to it.

    For this reason, the colleague who develops VARA has created a dedicated version that works.

    I also reserve the right to do some tests locally to see if the problem can be solved...


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Hi Tom, i'm very glad you were able to connect with a negative SNR.
    VARA is very performing and your setup proves it.
    Many congratulations, keep me updated on other tests
    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Greetings...

    My messages do not leave the Outbox of WinLink Express. Receiving messages is ok. Anyone else have this?

    I've googled and double checked it is sending as a 'WinLink Message'.


  • Hi F5VMJ, if the recipient's email address is not a email address and you've never written an email to this address, the system will probably reject it.
    May i suggest you put in the subject //w2lk(space) before the subject.
    This will force the system and it should in all cases be sent by your client making it clear to the server that it is not spam.
    My server has no implication in this, it is decided by winlink centralized server.
    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Hello Suitbert, I just finished my setup of Winlink and VARAsat and tried to connect with IS0GRB (July 22). I got a message "connection failed". Do you know if his server is down for some reason? Adam, SV1CDU