432/28 MHz transverter from transverters-store.com

  • I finally decided to do what PE1HZG has done and I am very pleased with the result.

    Removing the onboard 404 MHz LO resulted in destroying the oscillator, I must improve my de-soldering skills. The new LO was built by DF9NP, 404MHz output at +5dBm with a connector for a 10 MHz external reference, it came ready to use in a nice sheet-metal enclosure. A short pigtail cable was soldered to the oscillator input pad and Resistor R1 on the transverter board was removed. The pigtail connects to the LO via a small hole in the front of the original transverter enclosure. A bigger box is planned for the future.

    After this modification I am happy to report that the transverter finally is stable.

  • Something like this?

    ADF4351 Chinese Eval Board configured to +5dBm, LO frequency you need. Remove R1, lift off C5 and R2 and feed in the LO to the junction R2, C5. I use external 10 MHz LO from GPSDO. It's about 1Vpp at 50 Ohm I think.

    The extras are related to my TS850. When the Transverter is switched on, there is DC on the TX-Input in order to switch off the PA of

    my transceiver (How? See TS850 manual if needed).