90 degree hybrid coupler for 2.4 Ghz

  • Hello,

    for those interested in splitter/combiner/hybrid couplers I have updated the description of a
    small 90 degree hybrid coupler, which can handle 100 Watts continuous power.

    Here is the link to the document:

    90 degree hybrid coupler for 2.4 GHz

    This might be interesting for those who want to combine 2 PAs (e.g. for DATV) or
    who want to combine 2 linear polarized feeds to get proper circular polarization.

    Kind regards

    Matthias DD1US


  • Has anyone already tested this coupler with 100W CW?

    The Anaren couplers i use are double the size and only rated at the half CW power.

    Because of that i am a little bit unsure if they are really capable of handling 100W.