IC-9700 Software issue in SAT-Mode (RS-BA1v2 + SDR-Console)

  • Hi @ll,

    i am running an Icom IC-9700 with the latest firmware V1.11.

    If the transceiver is in SAT-Mode, there is no way to get CAT control over the radio.

    This issue concerns the RS-BA1 software version 2.11 and any other program which is connected by USB.

    RS-BA1 does not even have an option to work in SAT-Mode.

    After toggeling to standard mode (from SAT Mode), everything works fine, the radio could be controlled remotely and sends the frequency value to the external program.

    To transmit it is neccessary to be in crossband (SAT) mode.


    IC-9700, full duplex operation, downlink 144 mc, uplink 432 mc, Omnirig v2.0, SDR console v3.0.11. All locked to external 10 mc ref.

    Does anybody have the same problem or any solution?

    73, Mike


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