Spectrian amplifier board connections

  • Hi Group

    I have a 13CM Spectrian amplifier board which I believe is about 60 watts output this is the board with the three LDMOS devices.

    The one thing that I can’t find is the connection details. I have tried using Google lot of pictures but no real useful information that I have found.

    Could some tell me the following info?

    DC Power connections.

    Bias connection and bias voltage and what to set the bias current too.

    RF drive level.

    There is also a small 10 pin header again is there any useful information i.e. fwd /ref power or temp?

    Any pointers or links to find the information would be most welcome.

    73 Keith GU6EFB

  • According to one internet vendor selling these boards the pin outs are:

    1, Temperature output = 10MV/ degree F.

    2, PTT = +12V To enable all 3 power FETs.

    3, Drain current monitor for Q1. 1 volt out/amp of drain current.

    4, Drain current monitor for Q2. 1 volt out/amp of drain current.

    5, Ground.

    6-10 are no connection.

    See also link and link for some further info.

    I had my first QO-100 contact using one of these into a 25 turn helical antenna but as I'm not interested in video it's much easier with 2W from my converter straight into a dish.

    I didn't bother adjusting the Spectrian bias (I can't remember what the standing current was now) but there's some info here.

    Good luck.

    73 Chris

  • Hi Keith

    here are the shematic and a picture of the board. the dimesions are 10 x 10cm.

    PTT in LM2596-5 DC/DC and two diverent bias DC/DC converters. it is for the 20W board i have from KI4NPV on Ebay.

    i have order 10 pices an you ca get one ore more

    73 Markus