T/R switching

  • I think simple because then less will/can/could/shall be destroyed. Below how I always do this with transverters/amplifiers (concerning the latter, sequencer of course necessary, but for QO-100 a sequencer is not necessary).

  • I was just thinking of designing a simple sequencer PCB to drive relays and supply voltage to the PA after a small delay. There are many of these available already but either expensive or not quite what I want.

    Another issue with the IC9700 not having separate band by band PTT signals I was considering if the External Preamp voltage could be put to use for this. Gated with another signal to ensure the PA is not permanently enabled when the radio is turned off or on another band. I can't think of a solution yet except perhaps pre-amp voltage lost and PTT enabled. Maybe something can be done via CIV.