All-in-one-box solution for Oscar-100

  • This is my homebrewed QO-100 portable setup.

    The transverter is fully transceive on 70cm (RX/TX) and has an additional TCXO-RTL stick with the SDR-Console from Simon Brown for full duplex operation.

    All frequencies are GPS synchronized with 2 Leo Bodnar GPSDO units at 10Mc and 25.7Mc for the LNB.

    The upconverter is the BU-500 from HiDes modified for ext. ref. and with 2.4GHz cavity resonator and 20W power amplifier from SG-Lab. The p/s consist of 2 step down converters for 5V and 12V and a 150W upconverter for the 28V for the final amp.

    This is the complete all-in-one-box solution for Oscar-100.

    The modified SG Lab PA with extra hole and thread for the feedthrough capacitor to get the forward power for the meter.

    Everything is in the box, you only have to connect three cables to the LNB/Feed (RX 10G, TX 2.4G, Ref. 25.7Mc) and two cables to your UHF transceiver, in my case an Icom IC-9700.

    There is an extra 10 Mc output to sync the TRX if desired. For reception with the pc you have to connect an USB cable to access the built in RTL-SDR stick with 0.5ppm TCXO. This is optional for a larger panafall display but not neccessary to do qso's.

    The SDR Console is locked to the IC-9700 by OmniRig 2.0 so the VFO setting of the TRX changes the frequency on the console and vice versa for mouse access.

    A small fan is always running at 6V, in case of temperature rising above 60 degrees a temperature switch will increase the voltage to 13.8v for full cooling. A microwave coaxial relay will do the TX/RX switching of the down converted 70cm signal for the transceiver interface. The relay works with 28V so the level has to be adapted with 2 transistors to fit the range of the transceiver.

    This is my actual LNB/POTY design for holiday usage.

    More pictures at

    Keep and stay always transceive on the sattelite ;)

    73, Mike


  • You are right Heiner DD0KP, but i am at Ibiza and Mykonos for holidays where it almost never rains :P

    For my setup at home i did not find a perfect solution for this problem. The LNB rain protector from Amazon is not quiet good enough I think.

    Your cover seems to be easy to assemble.

    73, Mike