• Are you really paying 4€ per qsl?


    But what is more interesting for me: if yes, why?

    In my case 4 EUR by PayPal was enough for 8 QSOs (8 bands, SSB, CW, Digital modes paper QSL + upload in LotW). I believe, 50 cents for one bandslot is okay for rare DX entity.

  • Well!

    Some action, at last. Yes I have 1 of my 4 QSO's showing in OQRS.

    I checked OQRS for S01WS and 1 QSO showed for 13GHz. Obviously one of my QO-100 QSO's.

    However, when entering the dates times etc It couldn't be found!!

    So entering details of S01WS/P, I had 3 QSO with that call, the second QSO showed up OK Pheewww. Thought I was on to a looser..

    As Guntram say's lets hope the QSL shows SAT via QO-100, so far I have had 3 QSL's from other DXCC countries worked via QO-100 returned with no mention of SAT or QO-100.

    As for paying $4, after 42 years trying to get a SAT DXCC confirmed its a small price to pay when you only need 4 more QSL's for the 100. Each to his own I guess.

    So thanks to all who have helped to get these QSO's into OQRS.

    Good Luck all.


    Ian G4GIR