DX information in Shoutbox

  • Do You like DX-cluster type in the Shoutbox or Forum? 12

    1. Yes (9) 75%
    2. No (3) 25%
    3. Don't know (0) 0%

    What do You think about writing QRZ + QRG in the forum? Of course, EL2DT similiar DXCC are quite interesting for anybody. But in past SAT HAMs were making an experiments - building stations, antennas, accessories, trying to excess distance records going portable etc.. It was good for someone who is interested in science and Eart-something-Earth communication but does not have a room for solid EME antennas.

    DX hunting was something mostly dedicated to HF with all behaviors of operation.

    I wonder is somebody can run on the transponder with homebrew setup, developing software, make realy QRP contacts etc. But that's my opinion. What's Yours?