QO100 phrases/talk

  • Being active on QO100 since day one (Feb 12th) -with a deviant setup- I managed to work 70 DXCC and (almost) 290 grid squares I reckon I know 'what I'm talking about'. Listening to various QSO's certain patterns appear (to me).

    So it may be an idea to publish some 'QO-100-talk':

    1. "I have a SG-labs transverter with a modified (Octagon) LNB
    2. "I use a single dish with a dual band patch feed"
    3. "CQ QO100, CQ satellite, this is X0ABC calling QO100"

    4. . . . anyone else . . . ? (fill in below ; -)

  • What I don't understand is this idea of DX.... The DX are often closer to the satellite that we are. My path to Remco is longer than the path to some exotic station in Africa or India and we are basically working through a transponder so the HF DXCC propagation element is pointless. Contacting like minded people in other places and discussing things is the point and it doesn't matter where they are.

  • Well, English seems to be the most common language to communicate among radio amateurs. Since many are not first language speakers, there will be one or the other grammatically unusual sentence order, and also with the correct designation of components there are misunderstandings. But this should not be a reason to make fun of it. Most of the time the actual meaning is understandable, isn't it?

  • I am not having a dig, just do not understand the purpose of the thread.

    I have been away from amateur radio for years, I did plenty of Q and A on the web, or email with all nationalities and I am always impressed by everyone's ability to converse. Unfortunately I only speak English and can feel I let others down. I am soon about to set foot on the narrow band section, I will make mistakes, get mixed up and say stupid things at times especially when listening to oneself half a second later! How do you get used to that?

    I will add mine:

    "Using a BU500 up-converter" "SDR Console on receive"

  • To clarify, this thread is not intended to 'poke' but merely to document the development of new phrases/sentences which seem to develop as a kind of 'QO-100 language'.

    G8UGD In most cases the sentence concerning SDR Console is followed by "locked on the PSK-beacon" ; -)


    sg labs pa
    modded lnb
    middle beacon
    adalm pluto
    poty feed
    80cm offset dish
    upper beacon
    Bu 500 Upconverter
    sdr console
    1m cf dish
    lower beacon
    amsat dl upconverter
    dx patrol upconverter
    wifi grid antenna
    india morning net
    leo bodnar gpsdo
  • Hallo,

    it is good to define phrases, why not. In addition, my comment is, in some cases the prenounciation could be clearer. Especially some weak signals are hard to copy even if the audio has low frequency parts only.
    No harm meant but some final amplifiers generate a lot of distortion and intermodulation products. It is easy to check the correct driving power and audio gain looking at one of the two webreceivers. At least the transponder itself is a flying spectrum analyzer and shows the own signal. Another question is how to hit the correct frequency if calling someone.
    As often repeated, for this reason the AMSAT always refers to duplex radios. No need to talk about the advantages of software defined stations. The daily signals show it.
    Don't mind me and I am far away from critisizing but a clear and linear SSB-Signal should be the goal of every amateur radio station.
    And guys, don't hesitate to mention it.