QSL cards for QO-100

  • For those of you who are AMSAT members independent in which country there will be this QSL card with your call sign.

    Also additional services like printing your QSO data from your ADIF file we check at the moment.

    If you are intesseting please stay tuned here.. but just reply us "Yes..I am interessting in this card". Many thanks..

  • Information for all of you waiting to order the SAT QSL card for themselves or their clubstation now you can order at the online store from our Forum member Frank DO1CTL. The page is in German only but it is no problem sending Frank an email in English and he will respond to you.

    You can oder 100 pcs. or 500pcs or multipels of this.

    The 100 pcs you find here:

    The link you need is here:


    or you can go on this page for 500pcs. or more:

    The link you need is here:


    Frank can also support you with printing your ADIF export data directly into the back side of your cards.

    Take a look to Frank´s shop. He is an expert for QSL cards for many years. So you can feel very comfortable there.

  • Just to be clear: the picture in the first post from Heiner is the correct picture for the Es'hail-2 satellite (DS2000 satellite bus from MELCO). The other pictures of 'satellites' are just bits and pieces taken from other sats (I see panels from Mars-Express combined with the antenna from the Cassini Mission.. :) ). Looks nice but is not even close to reality.