Is there a Too Much power warning on the NB transponder, would it be an overlay in Spectrum or waterfall?

  • As I understand it the LEILA system ("LEIstungs Limit Anzeige" or Power Limit Indicator) for QO-100 is ground based and will just generate a siren to remind users to decrease their uplink power. That would be similar to the space-based AO-40 system and in those days we didn't have such easy access to spectrum and waterfall displays.

    I don't believe that it's operational at the moment, but if it is then it's rather forgiving sometimes.


  • Thank you Chris for responding. I was wondering if it was similar to the wideband spectral monitor for the DATV section where it adds the words to the signal information.

    I believe that guidelines say that no single carrier should be above the CW beacon (some say the digital beacon?) so that speech is below. But one day monitoring for a while some of the levels where hitting 40+dB over noise. Hence I was looking at the spectrum display for the narrow band without seeing anything and wondering what I was missing.

    No problems it was just out of curiosity.