FT8 Monitor QRV for testing

  • Hallo ...

    for testing purposes i put on an FT8 Monitor on QO-100 to 10489.600 to spot to PSK31reporter.

    Because it is not possible until now to direct spot on 3cm ...so i used 23cm 1296.6 MHz instead.

    rx results on QO-100 can be seen here ... (last 12hours)


    RX setup:

    85cm TVDISH (3LNB 13/19,2 and 26 east) OCTAGON OTSLO(TCXO) + ADALM PLUTO (TCXO) or RTL-SDR(TCXO) , WSJTX 2.01

    have an nice EASTER TIME

    73 de Michael dg0opk

  • NOTE the DELAY of SPOTTING is ABOUT 5mins... so be slow if you use different setups for testing ...

    @ PA1SDB is 1dB at 20.april 2019 20.33ut so same margin of 15 or more dB?

    i dont know....

    73 & GN

  • Note2:

    you need a clean and stable tx signal to decode FT8 .... this is very narrowband mode....

    so on RX LNB with low noise TCXO and/or SW correction (better both to use) or GPS locked with low JITTER and LOW NOISE is recommended ... (that is difficult) for a low budget... station

    on TX Side you have to use the same ... TX with tcxo on all components or GPS locked...

    i am freerunning on all my systems with TCXO inside in moment ..no GPS lock ...it is possible (and it is much work to modify all components ) and GPS is not installed until now....!

    73 de dg0opk