Hurricane Lorenzo - Azores Islands -Temporary Emergency Frequency - 10489.660 MHz (with 10kz guardband) 2400.160 MHz uplink

  • Further info from our colleagues involved on EmComms:

    Emergency Coms network has been officially terminated at 1700 UTC.

    We thank all involved in assisting those in need of help. CEURA for coordinating with the Government, local clubs and CU7AA, CU6NS, CU7AG, CU7BZ, CU5AM, CU7CL, CU7ABM, CU7AAZ, CU7CC, CU7AAR, CU7AZ, CU0AGQ, CU7BJ, CU7AJ, CU5AQ, CU7AO, CU7ABL, CU3URA, CS8ABG, CU2ZG, CU7ABB plus CU7BC.

    A special Thank You to AMSAT-NA for keeping AO-92 in U/v mode and AMSAT-DL for letting us into the mixed section of the QO-100 NB transponder.

    Fortunately there were no casualties, but the damage has taken a huge toll.

    Salomão Fresco

    Callsign: CT2IRJ

    GRID Locator: IM59re -- CQ Zone 14 / ITU Zone 37

    QTH: Fazendas de Almeirim, Portugal