• Hi all,

    I'm testing OBS Studio, works well with datv express with video, but when I'm trying to configure the audio appears a warning :

    "Cant' Connect Audio to Samlple Grabber"

    Someone have been solved this issue ? Is there any possibility to connect directly to OBS Audio ?

    The only way to solve is to use Virtual Cable.

    Thank you for any possible answer.



  • ik4idy , G0MJW : this is a info for all amateurs

    datvexpress accept only directshow windows devices that are "visible" in your sytem.

    so , after installing virtual cam (directshow) plugin for obs , datvexpress can see the camera and tx the video from obs.

    when you choose obs-audio , there will be a warning that there is no audio grabber or actualy no directshow audio element.

    if have been doing test with vb cable, voicemeeter, etc , was not working!

    yesterday i maybe found a good solution?? go to audio settings pc , recording , deactivate your normal microphone

    then activate the "stereo-mix" as standard device

    leave the playback on normal speakers.

    now open datv-express , and stereo-mix (microphone loop) will also be seen in the "live" and "audio"

    restart datvexpress and transmit video from the virtual cam and audio from "steromix" virtual system

    i is working on ic8ecf , have tx yesterday with this test.

    can someone test if the audio is good ??? please give me a respons to this message.

    just for info also, if you activate also your normal microphone , you can talk also in your tx video.

    keep stereo device standard device and microphone communicate device then..

    thank you. this message will be deleted if this is not a good simple working solution

    many thanks nico