QO-100 Configuration based on Amsat boards

  • it looks like the Amsat boards will arrive soon, so I'm planning the wiring of the station.

    My "problem" is that the distance between Shack and Dish is abt. 70m and I have to put most high frequency stuff into a weather proof box close to the dish.

    Additionally to the coax cables I have some DC control wires. But the coax cables have the lowest DC resistance, so I will use them for the PA supply (using a power splitter).

    Because I don't have the Amsat boards yet, I'm not sure if this configuration looks ok,

    or did I forget something important ?

    vy 73


  • dj0abr Nice design Kurt.. I recommend to drive all equipment in the outdoor unit out of a 28V powersupply in the shack. In the outdoor unit you can do down conversion to the lower voltages you need. >>And please also keep in mind your SAT RX must handle the low sybol rates. From my point of view there is only one on the market that is the Octagon SF-8008 which could be updated for low SR.

  • thanks for the comments,

    I tested the Spectrian with a 26V supply, 100mW input -> 5W output. The current is 3,7A.

    I like the idea to use 48V and a down converter. 48/24 converters are available for reasonable price and the PA supply will be much more stable.
    240V would be nice and easy, but then I get all these security issues.

    DD0KP: regarding the SF8008, is there any description available how to use this receiver for DATV ?

    vy 73

  • Hello Kurt,

    many (but not all) sat receivers can receive down to 2k symbols, thus there is a good chance that you can see it with your "normal" receiver. But be aware that there a reports of "problems" with the Amsat RX converter and reception of the WB-tansponder. (RX without convertr OK - with converter no WB RX at all).

    73 de Johannes