Downcoverter vom Zoll beschlagnahmt da kein CE

  • Hallo

    ich komme heute mal auf deutsch, da dies ein deutsche Problem zu sein scheint. Der Downconverter aus der Ukraine wurde aufgrund von fehlender CE Zeichnung vom Zoll beschlagnahmt. Als Funkamateure sind wir bekanntlich von der Pflicht bereit. So weit so schlecht. Immerhin hat der Zollbeamte bei der Bundesnetzagentur Rücksprache gehalten. Diese war ebenfalls der Meinung, das Gerät dürfte nicht eingeführt werden - was ebenfalls falsch ist. An wen kann man sich wenden?

    Es geht um folgendes Gerät:

  • I wonder if the plain PCB, without case, would suffer the same fate?

    While I am sorry for your impounding, keep in mind that power supplies that interfere with HR receptions for miles, that may explode and catch fire, without CE markings, or with faked CE markings, are shipped to the EU by the millions. Every amateur magazine now carries stories every few months about a foxhunt to find an interfering charger / lightbulb at a neighbour that is either helpful or not helpful at all.

    We can't blame a customs officer for triggering on something which (s)he incorrectly recognizes.

    I do hope anfang 1/1.c will help you to get this released.

  • pe1hzg

    If it is a kit to assemble your self it is no problem with customs - Kits are also excluded from the CE - marking.

    Thus if there has to be soldered something or two parts just connceted together or the PCB has to be mounted in the housing it is a kit (Bausatz) and is not affected by a missing CE-sign.

    (I think it is a parallel to the FCC-rules in the US where you have so called kits where you have to put just one transistor in a socket to complete a rig - than this device has not to be FCC-certifed).

  • Bought this downconverter as a whole piece via e-bay some days back from ukraine and got it last saturday -

    no problems with customes etc - but : i also ordered 2 more other parts and it was part of a package in one

    box .


  • 'Bausatz' ist das Schlüsselwort.. und deswegen muss ja jeder an den AMSAT-DL Kits noch selber was löten, damit das als Bausatz durchgeht. CE ist sonst zu kompliziert für unsere Fälle.. :(

  • I received the downconverter (completely build in box) without any problems, no taxes etc. I think it is just the way how the package is sent to you, meaning what is written on the paper on the package; and the price of the goods. Best is to ask him first and tell him that there could be a problem with taxes etc in your country.