• I am using XMLOG (works fine with Sat-logging e.g. for LOTW, eQSL....)

    Hi Johannes

    I just installed XMLOG on Windows 10. This software is a very old piece of software and the Window to enter the QSO is to small using on big screen. And I found no evidence of SAT-fields in the Log exept the freq. but not SAT-name and no SAT-PROP fields.

    So, this will be not my logbook program for the QO-100 QSOs

    Thanks and 73

    Wolfgang, HB9RYZ

  • HB9RYZ

    Hello Wolfgang,

    obviously you did not read the instruction manual ;-)

    In the options menue you can activate different things - one of the features are special fields for Sat-use: e.g. Sat-name, Sat mode.....

    I feel comfortable with this (in my opinion) very good freeware program.

    73 de Johannes

  • I have Logger32. It works fine and export data is accepted by LotW.

    You need to make some settings: Bandplan for 13cm, prop mode = SAT and sat name = QO-100.

    Hi Armin

    I already installed Logger32. But as I was importing my ADIF-File from HAM Office, Logger32 was not able to handle the freq. 2400 MHz. So no QSO was imported and I don't know where to tweak Logger32 to import my ADIF-File without any error.

    Thanks and 73 de HB9RYZ


  • HB9RYZ

    Hi Wolfgang,

    a bad import into Logger creates an error file called "bad.adi" in the main Logger folder.

    Check there what is wrong with your ADIF data.

    Maybe the frequency is in a different format. Logger uses 2400.000000 for 2.4 GHz.

    Maybe you first have to edit the "Band / Mode" table of Logger.

    See my example:

    73 Armin

  • I’m not using a Logging program but if I upload my FT8 and FT4 QSOs direct from WSJT-X program all these QSO uploaded without sat flag. So IF verified they count as simplex QSOs on 13 cm band!!!!

    73s Alex

  • Hello Johannes,

    could you recommend this logging software to new users of QO-100 and what about exporting data? Are they accepted by LotW?

    Until now I used Ham Radio Deluxe, but I´m not sure, if this will suit for my purposes any longer.

    73 de Richard

  • DG2SBL

    Hello Richard,

    I use this progamm for many years and in the options menue you can activate special "fields" for SAT-use.

    You can export the Log as ADIF or CSV and also send it "direct" to LOTW. The SAT-Mode and name of satellite etc. are correctly recogniced and accepted by LOTW (and eQSL and Clublog....).

    Thus I think it's a very nice programm which fulfills all MY needs and so I reccomend it. And it's freeware.

    But I also recommend you to read the instruction manual before use ;-)

    73, happy new year de Johannes

  • Moin,

    even if I use SDRconsole for QO100 I log my QSOs in cqrlog. This is because I use Linux most of the time and I won't take care of two different Logprogramms. So I linked my Linux Notebook (using socat) with the Windows Notebook (using "HW Virtual Serial Port") (this is a serial connection via the network). Works fine due the TS-2000 emulation mode for SDRconsole.