SDR Radio Console and IC-9700

  • Hi All

    I have issues to connect my IC-9700 over USB Com Port 5 with SDR Radio console v3.0.17.

    I tried with Omnirig v1.19 but I'm not able to use my ICOM IC-9700 as an external Radio with SDR Radio console v3.0.17 in order to synchronize QO-100 with my IC-9700.

    I have no Idea why this is not working. It works with Log4OM over OmniRig or with the ICOM CS-9700 Programming Software.

    Who knows how this will work?

    What kind of settings are need within the SDR Radio Console?

    What kind of Omnirig INI-File is needed?

    Best 73, de HB9RYZ