New ATV Converter for Oscar 100 WB Transponder

  • Hi Folks !

    Here I am again.

    Some of you may know me from my activities in the NB-Transponder forum.

    So, based on my former converter projects, I developed two new converters 745 to 1340 MHz.

    The highlight is, they do not even need an extra powersupply. They were feeded from the Sat RX :)

    So I called them "WB Konverter inline" V1.1 and V2.0.

    V1.1 is the stripline filter version and you find it here :

    V2.0 is the SAW filter version and you find it here :

    So all you need is a regular PLL LNB (no need to stabilize), the converter and a regular SAT RX which fits the digitalparameters.

    I hope you like this info.

    What comes next :

    A Triplexer for feeding LNBs with 25/27 MHz, and 12/18V from a single 12V Supply

    A converter 739 MHz to 28 MHz that really works (with no image problems)

    A "all in one" solution : 25/27 MHz Ref + NB-Converter + WB-Converter in one box

    So keep tuned ... :love:


    Armin DF1QE

  • Great work in both versions! SAW make his job everytime.

    By the way, did you try to test stability of oscillator from TV MODULATOR. It's can be stable, in spite of variable capacitor. Really is simple, but i don't remember for change or adjust of frequency, because VCR working very stable. This one on the picture. UHF version cover frequencies from 517 to 635 MHZ.

  • Hi Leonid !

    Thanks for your comment.

    Hmmm, interesting idea ....

    I never checked that out.

    I'm sure it depends on the type of modulator.

    Older versions had free running oscillators, but I saw newer ones with a x-tal based PLL.

    The newer ones should be stable enough to act as LO for ATV converting.

    But to be honest, why doing that if one can have it in a single 5x7 mm SMD case ?


    Armin DF1QE