SGlabs Transverter: Questions and Answers

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    Changed the title of the thread from “FT818 - SGlabs Transverter and Amplifier - Bamatech potty” to “SGlabs Transverter: Questions and Answers”.
  • The High Swr issue was coming from a faulty rear socket on my new FT818. Even with a dummy load - 50 Ohm, I got high SWR. So I looked further to the radio, the power output was 8 to 9 watt, no chance to change the power to a low power settings, the front socket had no high swr reading, but the power issue was still there, even on HF the power was so high. Did send the 4 weeks old radio back to the shop. I hope I get a swap.

    I was lucky also, no damage to the transverter and the amplifier. But at the moment no qso's on QO-100. 73 - Rudi - ON7CL

  • Hello Guys,

    I ordered an SG-Labs Amplifier V3, 3 weeks ago, delivery time was 2 weeks, I have payed via paypal 3 weeks ago.

    I already send 2 mails to SG-labs to have a status from my order.

    No reply's anymore, anyone has same experience, before there was always an answer in 2 days.:(

    Thanks for reply.

    73 - Rudi - ON7CL

  • Hi Guys,

    Now i have a working RX system for QO-100, I am now concentrating on building the up-link.

    I have the DJ7GP dual patch LNB - and am now considering the up-converter / PA

    I see from SG-Labs they have 13cm Transverter - with 70cm input & 13cm output @ 2 Watts

    Do you think 2W output power with 80cm dish will be sufficient for a good up-link signal on the NB transponder...?
    or do I need to invest in up-converter + PA for a good signal on NB transponder...?

    Many thanks | Vielen Dank !


  • I started with a SG Lab transverter and a 75cm dish. It was enough for SSB QSOs (I saw my signal approx. 5-6 dB below beacon level), but not very efficient in breaking pile-ups. Upgrade to a 1m dish got me a couple of DB extra.

    I upgraded with a SG lab PA, but in order not to exceed the beacon level, I had to reduce the output power of the PA. Depends on what you intend, you may not need a PA.

    73 Jens HB9EKO

  • Hallo,

    here is the simplest radio ever, take a Pluto and the AMSAT-PA with integrated Preamplifier only. Don't worry, it's a quick and dirty test setup. All is running with 12V only a 5V switching regulator feeds the Pluto. The current limiter is for fearful oms.

    Mount this closed to a dish, connect it to the PC via Ethernet. The linear 4 Watt from the amplifier are enough. With careful adjusting the equalizer and compression you get a pretty nice signal. The efficiency of the amplfier is remarkably good. The current consumption of the radio does not exceed 2,5 Amps at 12V. That means, it's good for portable purposes also.
    Have fun and a nice Whitsuntide to everyone.


  • Hallo zusammen,

    bin neu hier, lese aber schon eine Zeit lang mit. Baue mir auch gerade eine QO-100 Station auf mit dem Adalm Pluto, einem Bullseye LNB und einer Helix (Ice Cone Feed von DC8PAT) an einem 80 cm Spiegel. Als PA würde ich nun gerne auch, so wie oben von Andreas beschrieben, den von AMSAT-DL mit integriertem Preamp einsetzen, nur ist er anscheinend nicht (mehr) lieferbar. Kann mir bitte hier jemand Näheres über die Verfügbarkeit dieses 6W PA sagen ? Danke !

    Hello all,

    I'm new here but have been reading along for a while. I am also building a QO-100 station with the Adalm Pluto, a Bullseye LNB and a Helix (Ice Cone Feed from DC8PAT) on a 80 cm dish. For the PA I would like to use the AMSAT-DL with integrated preamp, as described above by Andreas, only it is apparently not (more) available. Can someone here please tell me more about the availability of this 6W PA ? Thanks !



  • Hallo Matthias,

    noch eine kurze Frage bezüglich des 6W PAs im Shop, kann man den nicht irgendwie preordern oder so ? Ich weiß zwar jetzt nicht, wie groß der Andrang danach ist, aber ich habe leider nicht jeden Tag die Gelegenheit, im Shop nachzusehen und möchte nicht, dass dann plötzlich wieder alle weggekauft sind :-) .