Private "Expedition" (holiday style) to Namibia as V55QO, to Botswana and South Africa working over QO-100

  • Hello to everybody,

    From January 17th till March 18th in 2020 I'm on a special trip on my own through Southern Africa. In Namibia I'm using the special callsign V55QO for activity on QO-100 and I'm traveling through Namibia, Botswana and South Africa and will activate very different grids during that journey on QO-100. I'm staying in several lodges for up to 3 days to give all interested hams the opportunity for a QSO in SSB and CW with me. My private callsign V5/DK3ZL will be also in use as in ZS my callsign ZS/DK3ZL. The papers for my application for the callsign A25/DK3ZL (activity February 7th till 11th and middle of March for 4 days) are at the authorities in Gaborone/Botswana. But there are good chances that this will be approved in the next days. Stay tuned.

    My QO-100 portable equipment: ADALM Pluto (with modifications by Sigi DG9BFC) using console v3 by Simon Brown with a 20 w PA (by Sigi DG9BFC) into a dual feed POTY (by Joerg DJ4ZZ) in a 90 cm off-set dish fixed on a tripod.

    More and updated information on my QRZ.COM page.

    QSLs for V55QO via LoTW, direct (SASE or SAE plus 2 US $) or via bureau to my home call.

    At the end of my „expedition“ my 2 stations that I brought with me will remain in Namibia and will be QRV on QO-100 regularly. In addition to the already active Derek (V51DM) then we have Werner (V51JP, head of the NARL) and Robert (V51RS), they will continue with the call V55QO, which I initiated.

    For all QSOs done by these call signs over QO-100 I'm the QSL-manager.

    vy 73 de Charly (DK3ZL / AD8AS)