Problem with SATPC32 and Virtual COM port on a Windows 7 PC

  • Hi,

    I am trying to get SATPC32 working on my PC to control my Yaesu 857 radio but keep hitting a problem which is this.

    When I setup the program for CAT control and define the port (COM 6 in my case), the program goes into a continuous loop and keeps popping up a window which says "Can't perform this operation on a closed port"

    Nothing else is using the port which I know to be working fine, since I use it with other applications, and it is permanently connected to the radio. To prove this, if I fire up WSJT-X which is configured to use the same port, it works fine. Fire up SATPC32 and the problem is there immediately, assuming CAT control is enabled.

    I have played around with the settings for the port, such as the RTS and DTR options but the same problem occurs each time. The radio setup is correct in terms of baud rate, radio type and CAT delay and I have KCT Tuner enabled, as suggested for this radio.

    The port uses a Prolific USB-Serial chipset and the driver is up to date.

    One of the big problems with this issue is that whent the error occurs, it effectively freezes the whole program which then has to be killed with Task Manager. But if you re-start it, you have only got about 3 seconds to turn off CAT control using the C control top left, otherwise you have to kill the program and start again. With practice, I have become quite good at this!

    I will keep trying various options and report back if I cure it but at the moment need a little help if anyone has any suggestions?





  • With nothing using the port It says:

    Status for device COM6:


    Baud: 9600

    Parity: None

    Data Bits: 8

    Stop Bits: 1

    Timeout: OFF


    CTS handshaking: OFF

    DSR handshaking: OFF

    DSR sensitivity: OFF

    DTR circuit: OFF

    RTS circuit: OFF

  • Many thanks for your help, I will try that although I'm not sure it will help as SatPC32 has both RTS and DTR on/off options in its setup, both of which I have tried.

    I appreciate your assistance!




  • I just wanted to say I have now fixed this issue and it was simple, if only I had spotted it before!

    Anyway the issue was that the KCT - Tuner checkbox had been set in the Radio setup dialogue box, I'm not quite sure how but when this box was uncheckd, the error went away and the program started to control my radio as it should.

    Thanks for the help!