9V1HY Singapore

  • Hi, this is 9V1HY from Singapore.

    The first QSO from 9V land via QO-100 was made at 1615z 20/1/2020. 9V1HY <-> BG0AUB.

    30 QSOs was made that night. I operated 1 hour and had to QRT due to rain.

    I am very happy to complete my ground station after months of preparation. And I'm sure many of you are as excited as me. I get a huge pileup at that night as many stations want to work with me. I also receive many question about my station and my schedule, so I think I should have a Q&A post here. Hope this can answer most questions.

    Q: What is your setup?
    A: LimeSDR+SDR console, homemade amplifier by BG0AUB, dual feed antenna, 1.2m dish. (Actual setup shown in picture above)

    Q: When are you going to operate again?

    A: I can't give an answer. My station is 100% portable. Nothing is pre-installed, so I need to carry everything out and back everytime I want to operate. All equipment are about 30kg in total. It's hard to operate very often. If I have a fixed station I would say everyday.

    Q: Do you have a operating schedule?
    A: No. Same reason as the above question. Generally speaking, I would operate when I have a few hours of time and the strenth to carry the equipment. I need to QRT whenever rain approaching.

    Q: What's your future plan?

    A: Right now I would like to work with more stations and countries. I want to measure my actual output power and try to increase it. In future I will try CW and digital modes.

    Hope to QSO with you on QO-100!

    73 de 9V1HY