PlutoSDR : Problem RX with last firmware by F5OEO

  • Hi

    I had a problem in RX with PlutoSDR last firmware of F5OEO ... does not receive .... restored the original firmware 0.31 everything works perfectly .... I redid the installation of the latest firmware of F5OEO and again no reception with SDR-Console ....

    Has happened to others?

  • Well it works for me. Things to check are how you connect. Perhaps do a search for the Pluto again. Make sure you have the latest IIO drivers installed etc. Make sure it's a recent version of SDRConsole. I could not get the Pluto to run on a PC that had not been updated in a while until I reloaded the Analog drivers.

    Proof - if needed.

    What might be different is I am accessing it via Ethernet rather than USB, but this should not matter.

  • Mike

    Thank you for your answer, but with the latest release of Évariste (beta_for_the_brave) SDR-console start and a few seconds later,... I get a big burst in the middle of the screen and disappears for a few seconds and starts again ........ it looks like a burst of RX calibration ... My configuration Pluto-usb to ethernet -HDMI Encoder ip - SDR -console 3.0.20

    I flashed the pluto with the previous version (from 22/01) and everything is fine.;)

    I am not the only one to have this problem .......

    73 Chris

  • That's very strange. I suggest you stick with the version that works for you and meanwhile speak to Evariste. There were several hardware revisions of the Pluto, mine is an earlier one, later ones had more memory. I am assuming you did the second CPU enable mod. You must have the latest drivers as well but I think you said you did. Your setup seems identical to mine - try it via USB in case your Ethernet adaptor is different?