(In) decent behavior

  • (in) decent behavior.

    This letter is most likely not for YOU as we are respect full hams and follow the QO-100 rules to the letter. But then, if the world a perfect place this letter would not be written.

    A group of hams did something great and created a wonderful medium we now call QO-100.

    A nice new feature to our hobby witch already gave lots of old hams a wakeup call, and provided a lot of nice QSO’s.:love:

    But old habits seem to overshadow the novity of the Es-Hail and shortwave rules where the strongest gets the most seems to be more and more the case on QO-100.

    And if someone disagree, :evil:he just starts to disturb others with sirens and text remarks or other wide band signals. The more power the better!!!!

    We call them pirates but are they really or is this just how humanity works these days.

    :/It seems RESPECT is lost when a special call is on air. We do not wait our turn but just turn up the power a bit…

    8|When we hear a special Call in QSO, we do not wait till he actually calls for CQ but just start screaming our call…

    :whistling:We do not check if frequencies are free when we want to test our amp or antenna

    8oWhen we tune to a frequency, we use full power.

    I really understand if someone is testing and got not everything perfect but we have the great possibility to check our signals via the webSDR websites all over the world.

    I really understand if someone is testing a new communication mode as this it all what our wonderful hobby is about. But we all know the QO-100 bandplan and where we conduct these tests.

    :saint:Please I strongly ask you, Have RESPECT.:saint:

    Lots of novity Calls get completely scared to just call CQ. Lots of them are like us in the beginning, just happy it works. Most of them are technicians and not experienced contest boomers, not used to do some pileup management. They will answer a CQ call and the quickly change the frequency.

    73es Benno, PA3FBX.